I fell for you – Lineage of Water and Fire Part 2: Venice


Part Two: Lineage of Water and FireIMG_3830


I fell for you

I fell for you instantly

Not just a schoolgirl crush

Venice, you swooped in,

a sea soul bird of pink light

Entering my heart without a second thought

You are like that

knowing most of us will fall for you

I find no shame in my adoration

Your colors of watermelon crush and ivory lady lace

and blue aqua veils and amber peach moon walls

Your textures from glass gleaming and iron glinting

Your water veins of life living 900 years and more

Your children calling from the boats to their mothers

at the local stands selling fruits and chips and cigarettes

spritzes for 2 euros and red plastic chairs 

group karaoke ringing through the full moon light night

late night walks and dinners with dear friends

we didn’t know were coming to join us here in love-land


Italy becomes you, but you are your own world

and you have always known this

and said so at every turn of your brush

and anvil and crucible and boat making hand

We lived for a week next to Tintoretto’s studio

in the Fondamenta dei Mori

and ate ink squid pasta with garlic right next door

and I listened for his footsteps across the Madonna dell’ Orto

Of course we rode in your gondola with Lucca,

and the boat of his father before him and his before him

I napped on my lover’s blue light shirt dreaming

as Lucca rowed and told your story in melodic tones

I saw art – more than I have ever seen or felt

in one place at one time and I thank you for this reality

of beauty which is your creative fire – art is real here

I rode boats every day – your water on my skin

my face turning golden in hot wind

your linen dresses stuck to my thighs in the heat

Madonnas gazing powerfully from niches and building

reminding me She is everywhere I am – She is

I saw the red threaded boats with keys at

La Biennale – the one Sue told me I had to visit

I rowed with her through every canal you have

as she pointed things out to me I couldn’t see without her


Of course we saw all that one could and should see

Saint Marks and the Palace of the Doge and the museums

and little white bread sandwiches with salmon at Florentines

and Peach Bellini’s with Hemmingway at Harrys and

champagne and oysters at the Gritti Palace

during a storm of thunder and rain, we swooned

We lived in your neighborhood

away from the crowds and the louds

our cafe cremes were shared quietly and uneventfully

over little white fish crostinis and holding hands

beside your canals carrying your generations

raised on the waterways with wild ways

water boys and water girls growing up

with no cars but boats for dates

I don’t know how I can do you justice in any

writing such as this so forgive me my inadequacy

Suffice to say this

I fell for you

and while you wouldn’t be one to admit it

I believe you had been waiting for me,

for us,  young lovers to come celebrate

our one year anniversary in your company

He wanted me to see you

Knew what would happen

Watched as my laughter and tears

rang out our third story window

becoming a part of you

as you have become a part of me


The lineage of your beauty and creativity

lives on in me, every so gratefully

~ Shiloh Sophia

p.s. see you soon xoxo


Key in the Hand Exhibit – La Biennale



Strong connections shared




View out the window of our casa