Lineage of Water and Fire – My journey so far….


Hello beauty beings,

As you most likely know I am working this Summer on a voyage, first to the museum and then teaching in 3 countries and journeying into deep strange inquiry like only travel can bring. Seeing things you haven’t seen, hearing languages you don’t know, scents and sounds your muse has never heard stirs the mind and heart into seeing between the mysteries…

This sharing was created this morning over rose tea as I stare at the sea in Denmark. And clearly is just a listing of inquiries and experiences, too much to write and lots going on. I have been dealing various ailments since I left home, all teachings I assume, I am choosing to call it a ‘healing crisis’ as it just sounds better. So when I am not teaching, I am listening. The magic thing about working with intentional creativity as many of you know – when you are doing it – you feel almost no pain – you are transported. This is so powerful and has been shown again and again. Now I get to experience it in a new way. I am making this journey ‘walking with a limp’ so to speak.

This is the first thing I have written down, so I don’t forget. Those of you who love me, might like to see, however, it is personal so might not apply to those who aren’t wondering what I am up to.

IF you are curious – just get a cup of coffee, or rose tea and join me for a listing of experiences…

Sending love from Sealand,

Yours in creativity
Shiloh Sophia

A Lineage of Water and Fire

Maryland and DC

Seeing the body of water that Sue spoke of, the Potomac River
Rowing with Sue on the Potomac at night through the cosmos, two boats
Touching the foot of the mother and child sculpture of Lenore Thomas Strauss
Visiting the Women’s Museum with dear friends, enjoying laughter and lineage
Tears at the Lincoln memorial, a feeling of hope
Tears at the Lincoln memorial, a feeling of shame, can he see us now?
Reading at the museum, Lenore’s poetry, the opening, we are here.
My sweet love, Jonathan, carrying stone carving tools for the exhibit
Seeing Sue’s painting in the museum exhibit, sigh of relief
Strange and beautiful emotions, mixed
Roosevelts, thank you for your vision, I can now see more of your vision
The best seafood in DC during a pouring rainstorm, oysters and caviar
My inquiry, am I doing this right? Honoring her, and her, do they see?
A burning in my heart, I did it, I brought Sue’s art home, and mine
Sorrow gut sorrow loss missing deeply, sigh
Healing crisis stirs, elbow and back are speaking foreign tongues
Blue crab speaks to me of her home, my home through art
Mother of my heart
The lineage of love and creativity is carried on through me
And our tribe of Intentional Creativity
Your work lives on in us because we remember and create



Home in Paris, the home of my Muse and the Mona Lisa
Café crème on the streets under lime green umbrellas
Journaling new ideas and fleshing out old ideas
New friends and old friends singing along on a riverboat on the Siene
Painting on the French patio drinking rose with Color of Woman
Sharing our Paris with our students, the artist’s life comes into view
Macaroons and dancing at the foot of the Eiffel Tower
Monet’s waterlillies singing to us along with the frogs – joy joy joy
Endless questions about being an artist, and the path ahead of me
The feast my husband made for us, and for my birthday, joquille St. Jacque
Painting our artist selves in 4 parts, who is it is being revealed?
Crying in the Sacre Couer, the sacred heart where Sue and I sat sharing host
Talking with Artists in Mont Martre and buying a painting from a rebel artist
The local street party with beer and talk of metamorphisis instead of revolution
The Red velvet room at LaRotunde surrounded by Modigliani
Late night dance party, Jonathan as DJ, get down get down
My inquiry, what is my connection here that won’t go away?
Ridiculous faith in Intentional Creativity as way, the red thread winds
Hard to leave these pain’ au chocolate – oohlaaalaaa
Small red hotel rooms with velvet hearts on the walls, romance
The woman on the street, running up to me, asking me where I am from,
I say, SF, she Welcomes me to France, and gives me her Fatima Mary pin…
Falling asleep to the piano player, on the green velvet couch next
to the white cat Shakespeare and company, snoring, as Asian visitors snap pictures, of me and cat
Precious husband and best friend, steadying me
I continue to row with Sue from the Potomac into Paris and we sleep
under the Mona Lisa, I ask her why, she says, we are in her field, feel it
Gratitude for the Color of Woman and 2 manz here with me enjoying
oh. Paris.
I am an ambassador of creativity carried forth on the river of life
Linages of artists, poets, thinkers, carried on by me and the company I keep
Your work lives on in us because we remember and create
Alchemy of water and fire lives in me



Denmark, Copenhagen and Sealand

Living on a boat near the bridge, rocking waves and party boat next door
45th birthday lunch with soul friends on the dock, and my love and champagne
Nordic summer of intense sun and intense rain, everything green
Land of Ikea without shame, candles lit on every table, to make it cozy (hygge)
Restraunts named Rebel and Radio with the finest cuisine
Cod and cabbage and fennel, add cream, add green
Connecting with soul sister who speaks the same language of light
Swan feather arrives for me. Jonathan cleans poop off.
Reconnection, but to what, is it the ancestors who call me here?
Great Great Grandmother Sealander decides to give me a bath from the past
Water energy work with the Danish, bringing native teachings here to blend
Then fire, Nordic Wisdom circle, the Solstice fire burns, we sit silent
Purge and lament. Ancestor clearing? Moving energy but where?
Healing crisis deepens,pray for protection or give thanks? Both.
Offerings back to the land, this isn’t what I quite had in mind 🙂
Teachings from Native American Ancestors are here with me
Sage and sunshine and song around the fires. Stories of swans and dragons.
Offer to the land and let the land offer back to you, will you receive?
And inquiry into ancestry – what do you want me to know? Feel? See?
Are you clearing me? My body only wants watermelon and rose tea
Painting with women from Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Poland,
The Lady of the Northern Light comes to us and the US.
Who is the Motherland? Where has she been?
I talk of pain and pleasure and power and possibility to my new sisters.
Blessings from Sister Grace, her mesa, healing me, long naps, mystery
The stone house from the 16th century blessed me with stories
Accessing the Lady of the Northern Light and her mystery
Heavy pottery, white walls, white floors, white art, green landscape
3 pools of different waters cleansing me, I cannot get enough water
I decided, I am obsessed with water, always trying to see it, I have to see it
The beauty of the sea out in front of me, do you hear me?
My selkie self listens in and gathers up her skins
Tribe of Dan, tribe of Israel, making your mark on everything – Dan, Din, Den
So we can see where you have been, sailor and warrior, you are like me
I am always looking for the boat and rarely turn away from the fight
And yet it is clear to me, I came here to bring the Mother home, who is she?
Gratitude that I have walked with her since early twenties
With ease bringing her inquiry into being – no more without HER in our lives
No more only man, God.
Lady, Mother, Divine Being, be with us
Grandmother Sealander, Grandfather Grahn,
I am home collecting your bones
Your work lives on in us because we remember and create.
Great Lady of the Northern Light, show us your colors today

(Sea of my Ancestors)

Now Italy…what will you bring me?


Thanks for tuning in for this cafe…xo shiloh

“We travel, some of us forever,
to seek other states, other lives, other souls.”
— Anaïs Nin