Peanut Butter (and Chocolate) for the Muse *video*

Dear Ones,

I am writing you from the Cafe in Paris. I find myself in another world here almost instantly.

Things I notice are…

IMG_0825….that my Muse loves it here…
….lots of kissing…us and others…on street corners…
….yummie smells from little cafes…
….art everywhere….creatively sparked…
….diversity and beauty walking hand in hand…
….time seems to move faster and slower…
….dreams are on another channel than usual….
….dinner at from 10:30-midnight is no big deal….
….I miss Sue everywhere here…lots of smeared mascara….
….it is nice to know my way around….
….looking forward to sharing a week with friends creating….
….the Red Thread Cafe here just rocks my socks….

And in this vein of muse noticing, I took this pic this morning and I thought I would send you the video from the recent Chocolate for the Muse class – which you can still sign up for if you are inspired by my chocolate and peanut butter 🙂

Is there something your Muse has been longing for? What if you told her yes? What would that be like? Just think about it. Dream about it.

Following the week in DC with the Lenore Show and Sue stuff, I feel like an empty vessel, but full. It is a rather strange sensation. The intrigue of Paris just flows in and out of the vessel. And my Muse and I just notice. Hmmmm. Ok, laughter, tears, laughter, tears, and so on…

Sitting next to me in this moment is my love, Jonathan, evidence of a miracle and I am most grateful.

And I am grateful for you – if no one told you today they are grateful for you I am!

Loving you in the spirit of beauty and creation,

Shiloh Sophia


Peanut Butter for the Muse

Who is that peaking out from behind the veil?

Winking in the darkness

with the eyes you only sometimes use

She wants to know
Do you dare encounter the Muse?

A word of warning: Don’t look at her with a direct gaze

She may flee from you into her own place

Leaving trails of feathers, the scent of truffles or a storm

and always the air of lady mystery

She uses your secret names to call you

as she rises to the surface of form

But where is she calling you? To the place she dwells

You ask the address, but she refuses and sighs

Another time perhaps…we do have work to do

Many years could go by before that winking blinks again

When you see her blinking into the space between spaces

Blink Blink Blink Wink Wink

Pay attention as the time of arrival is near this place

Will you come this time and mystery dive?

Should you be worried, you wonder

Well, yes, she quips You could even be scared to life!

Having Muse eyes creates different lives

Don’t ask what will happen or how long it will take

or if you will survive this near miss

Instead risk everything for this

A soul is enlightened by the Muse’s kiss

If you lose her trail again,

there are things you can do to woo her,

but don’t tell her I told you this:

                            Ask her what she likes, what she really really likes

My Muse likes to consume my fear with

a chunky peanut butter ball on a bit of dark chocolate.

I leave it for her here

on the drawing board next to a stack of blank paper

Then I listen with the other ears within

and pick up the pen and begin

As I hear her cry out to the starry sky:

Where or where shall I take her?

Here’s what happened after she heard the poem

She told me while she appreciated my offering

of poetry and peanut butter

I hadn’t gotten it right at all

Although I have heard her say

That nothing is about getting right.

She said I may have led people astray even further.

But since she is at times a trickster

I decided to ask her a few questions.

I started with where she lives. This is the answer I got:

I will tell you where I work but not where I live.

That’s personal.

I work from a chair, lacquer red

That is situated at the

Back of your heart on a gimble.

My lover, who was listening in,

Said – Ah so your muse is

Dimensionally agnostic.

Yes she said.

Finally you have said something relevant.

Want more from me? get to the canvas

and I will show you what’s next.

She can be that way, my Muse,

She likes to catch me off guard and if I don’t

take it too personally, we can laugh about it.

At other times she is as gentle as a snowy owl

wrapping me in her feathered cape in total darkness

This all so that I can see better.

Shiloh Sophia