Museum Opening last night – honoring our Art Lineage

Can pain be transmitted to the stone through the hammer’s blow?  Can joy be absorbed in rock to sound in stillness?

And as the tool tenderly shapes the stone, the hidden self of that granite is given into my hands.  The rock falls away to reveal that which is not of my making.   Who is the carver?

Lenore Thomas Straus 1909-1988, Stone Dust

Dear One,
I feel like starting this note to you with *gulp*sigh*sad smile*happy smile*gulp*relief*more tears. I want to edit this more, this footage Jonathan took, it’s still rough, but I am boarding a plane and so wanted to get it to you while it was fresh.
Last night was incredible. We felt you there with us, along with Lenore and Sue, even the museum Curator, Megan Searing Young of the Greenbelt Museum felt their presence while setting up. Who knows how these women on the other side work – suffice to say we imagined them having a beer and toasting to us. Smiling at – who knew?

I hope they know. Women, who bravely created art with so much intention and passed it onto us. In humble gratitude I am giving thanks. Without them, I wouldn’t have created the way I have or lived the life I have, and without them, I wouldn’t be in red thread circle with you.

Love to each of you,
Shiloh Sophia