Roar with Love

Being Between by Shiloh Sophia

Being Between by Shiloh Sophia

“Roar, but roar with love. Fight, fight with radiant Love. Cry out, with voice of the Angel who was born with you. Cry out in Incandescent Love that travels the dark vault of the heavens like lightning that brings blessed rain. Hold the line, with Inestimable Love. Resist, with all the Love in you. Heal the part of the wounded world within your Loving Reach. I am right beside you. WE are right beside you.

Do all you can. My Tribe of the Sacred Heart, many of us Scar Clan. Who would better know the way through? Yes!”

Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes wrote this in regards to the Nepal Earthquakes and requested our prayers in support.

This is a very recent painting, what Sue would call a ‘study’ meaning done in a quick and easy manner with gesture. When I read this quote by Dr. E and the scar clan I knew this painting and that quote wanted to hang out in cafe today. May we all include Nepal, and our People and our Mother earth in our prayers.

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