Our Red Thread Circle happened at the UN

Here’s a small clip from CSW59 at the United Nations.
We were invited to share how our personal story was related to helping others heal from trauma.

 Wow. What an experience this project has been! Many stories to tell, but it is our last day in New York and we are out of coffee, so going to take a bite into the big apple today. Before we complete to Lady Peace Project, I have an invitation and some gratitude!

I wanted to invite you to our FREE GLOBAL RED Thread Circle happening in May, that launched yesterday HERE.

The first ever Red Thread Circle took place on the grounds of the United Nations last night…we shared our stories…

And I wanted to share a little piece of the panel in a video from last night – more to come in the coming weeks, but also to THANK YOU for holding space with me. For being a part of the Lady Peace Project. For many reason, YOUR energy and care in this process are what made the project actually happen the way it did. I felt you with me, for me, and holding space for women and girls worldwide.

A special thanks to my beautiful husband, Jonathan Lewis, Lys Anzia of WNN, and the Cosmic Cowgirls and Red Thread Nation sisters who showed up last night to support us and be a part of the red thread. They wore red, brought chocolate, water and roses. But most of all they brought beauty into the hearts of all who gathered around the red thread last night in honor of Serving those who Serve. Especially me. Afterward we shared a meal with the other panelists and at Ali Baba and it was divine.

As we close this circle of the Lady Peace Project, I continue to hold sacred space with you…

With love,

Maestra Shiloh Sophia

Lauren, Susan, Carole, Leslie and Stephanie…thank you so very very much.


Lady Peace Project

There are stories thrumming and humming along the lines of the red thread.