Take a Selfie Stand for Peace


Today, I am encouraging you to take a stand for YOUR own personal piece of making peace – which is to know your part. To take a stand and to share it.

When you are ready – share it

Don’t write down what anyone else thinks is brave or humble or noble. Don’t write one that makes you look good. Write one that is YOU. Because of what YOU have been through, the rough places and the places where you experienced joy.


Get a piece of paper, write your stand and take a curious Selfie Stand. When you take your picture make sure you FEEL it in your bones, in your eyes, in your feet, in your heart. Take a stand, this is more like your freak flag than a billboard for peace. Then share it here, and if called, in your other Facebook groups, let them know what you are doing.

I continue to stand in the truth that
if EACH of us knows what it is we stand for
we will work towards peace naturally.

That is why:

I stand for Self Expression as a basic human right.

When we don’t know where we stand we get caught up in the stands of others that aren’t ours. Many of us stand on things like human rights, and many of us here stand for our version of intentional creativity. It isn’t that our overall ‘stand’ may be unique but OUR WAY of holding it is ours.

I believe with my whole soul, that even in struggle, even in war, even in a crisis, even in a refugee camp, if someone can SAY where they are. FEEL where they are. SING where they are. DRAW where they are, they will have a greater capacity to be grace in that space for themselves and others.

Day 3 should be called Freak Flag Day, because if I said to a tried and true human rights activist that I think the capacity to know, feel and express yourself is as essential and basic as any other human right I have no idea what they would say to me, but, this is MY WAY of serving.

What’s yours?

No matter how ‘different’ your stand is from someone else’s  or what others think peace is, post it, break the taboo of silence.

Today I haven’t had my coffee yet, you can see by my eyes in the photo, lol, I just woke up. Today, we pack for New York City. Gulp. It’s happening. Keep me in your prayers. And I will keep you in mine. We are headed towards International Women’s Day and it is a time for clarity of voice, purity of heart and bravery.

If you are going to participate, reply to on the Red Thread Nation with your photo,  I would be so so so so grateful and it will let me know you are with me in this.

Signed in threads of hope,

Chief Laughing Cloud

Learn more about the entire Lady Peace Project and our journey to the United Nations to CSW59

“If you want to end the war then Instead of sending guns, send books.
Instead of sending tanks, send pens.
Instead of sending soldiers, send teachers.”

~ Malala Yousafzai

 On Sunday, Shiloh Sophia with Kerry Lee and Dominique Peters led a workshop, Lady Peace Prayer Flags and this is the start of their class, and Day one of the ten days of peace with www.ladypeaceproject.com


A teaching that will create the context for how you can participate in our ten days of Peace, March 1-10

From Maestra Shiloh Sophia

  1. LOVE: Each of is called to serve. This is a natural part of being human, to love beyond reason.
  1. AWARENESS: Each of us is called to explore and articulate the specific thing that is ours to do – to know your piece of the red thread.
  1. DISCERNMENT: Each of us is called to say NO to doing the things that are not in alignment with our piece, even if it is a good cause and it is needed.
  1. ORIGINAL VOICE: Each of us is called to serve in the specific WAY that inspires us and that we care about. When this WAY is discovered from deep within, it will be a YES that will provide the intersection of serving in personal, global and community. It is the SAME THING that may have different forms over the course of your life. It is yours and expresses your original voice. When you serve from that place, the entire universe opens to you.
  1. RENEWAL: Then, the peace that passes understanding is right there for the claiming. You can have access to JOY when you serve in the way you are inspired to serve, and then, it serves you.

When you are also served, the journey of loving has the capacity for sustainability and renewal.

And then, we bring peace to the world through our very way of being. And now for the context itself: For the next ten days I powerfully invite (dare) you to think of yourself as a teacher.

If you were a teacher, you would translate everything you know into your own life, and into the lives of others. If you were a teacher, in these ten days you would be teaching what you learn to your communities and family as we go along. If you were a teacher, this information and experience wouldn’t just stay with you, but it would spread. Like sewing seeds of peace. Besides you are already a teacher, even if you haven’t been relating to yourself that way.

I could say I choose this lens, but it chose me. Because I know what we need in this world is human beings willing to be responsible for what they know and share it. All of my dearest friends are teachers, writers, beings who believe powerfully in sharing their goodness with the world. And now I am calling you. To take on the archetype of teacher. What have you got to lose? Will you do this with me?