Intimacy with the Universe

10922597_10152989945889522_8776001701724299106_nIntimacy with the Universe

If you knew how it really is
You would have quiet conversations
with everything that is
That ancient tree bark
has waited for your touch
That flaming hot pink coral colored flower
has anticipated your amazed gaze
That succulent stinking sweet fruit
has been expecting your surprised tongue
That shimmery star at night
shines on your upturned face
That sun in magenta streaked morn
bathes your body in brightness
That aqua ocean lit up from within
rushes to meet your expectant body
Those smooth black stones anticipate your
sitting upon them to ponder
That chocolate pearl
presents herself to your kiss
Who knows for how long
this waiting has been going on?
The island sounds your name
You wonder, how could she know?
She knows, and now you know
You are never really alone
Everything that is
Is responding to you
responding to it
We are a constellation of witnesses
who have barely begun to see
each other for who we are
Perhaps it is just too much
for us to bear, knowing how
everything is awake but us?
Eventually if we walk softly
and listen to the humming with new ears
and choose to have eyes that open to wonder
we will come alive
She is showing us how

Shiloh Sophia, Maui Hawaii