E=mc2: Having Tea with Einstein

Tea with Einstein teaching painting

Having Tea With Einstein


We were having tea

When you noticed the equation tattoo

on my forearm: E=mc2

You smiled but didn’t let on.

Pausing, you asked what equation

I was currently working on.

I couldn’t believe, you, were asking me.

Summoning my courage I said

It had something to do with the big E

in the equation that equals energy.

My equation asks clumsily about healing:

How Intention can exert itself upon Energy

to transfer or convert it into Mass.

For example by witnessing suffering,

combined with intention might we

convert it to something else, or move it?

You told me to go on.

I said I wanted to know

How we could move suffering

from the quantum field into an inanimate

object like, a canvas for example.

I wanted to know if it was possible.

If it would move, if it could stick.

Since the suffering was already Energy

would it take the speed

of light to move it into mass?

Or is it deceleration what is needed?

More importantly,

could it move through LOVE?

You asked for more tea

and didn’t answer me.

You started to work on one

of your mad equations

and I marveled at the wonder

of your hair and the brain beneath.

You handed me the equation

and suddenly I understood

for one second the equation

beneath the equation and then

you laughed that famous laugh.

I told you that epiphany

I just had, was gone…

Epiphany amnesia.

And we both laughed together.

Then you left me to tea

and mystery once again.


~ Shiloh Sophia

Live from the Red Thread Cafe

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