Cages of Our Own Making

Our Lady of the flowering Earth

Cages of Our Own Making


I let myself out of my cage.

I saw the door

for the first time

and I just stepped out.

It was so easy!

It’s so beautiful out here!

Surprised at my sudden freedom

I looked back

to see that open door

and the structure in

which it was housed.

But it was already gone.

Stunned I wondered,

was it me the whole time?

Nobody put me there,

no jailer but my own self?

Ha! I wanted to cry

but instead I started laughing.

In that laughing

remembered what I forgot

so long ago: Who I am.

Let the dancing begin!


Shiloh Sophia

Painting: Our Lady of the Flowering Earth
Created in Red Madonna

It is Solstice evening and this poem
popped out after so much ritual and
celebration with my Love and setting our Intentions.

Feel free to share with those you love
who like so many of us may have been
caught in cages of our own making.
Let’s free ourselves if we can….shall we?