The Great Fragmentation – Have you quarantined your wildness?

The Great Fragmentation

From the time we are little children

we began to cut off

essential parts of our soul.

The Great Fragmentation begins.

We cage up and board off

the windows of colored light

that showed us who we were

and invited us to who we could be.

We did this to protect ourselves.

It was an act of kindness to ourselves,

that was necessary at the time

but now is killing us.

Literally and emotionally capturing

expression and cloaking it from view.

There is a raptor at the window.

But most of us don’t even know it

or if we do,

we don’t know what to do about it.

Feeding on unexpressed flesh.

The hiding has taken a toll.

We learned quickly what was safe

and what wasn’t.

Fear was a wise teacher.

No matter how good

those who brought us up were or weren’t,

a lot of we experienced that was unsafe.

We didn’t feel at home here.

We knew we were different.

We weren’t making it up.

We wised up real quick.

Too quick for a little being.


We began to question ourselves…

I better not let them see me.

I am not like the others am I?

Since I see things they don’t

am I okay? Better not show it.


Our questions regarding our

VERY ESSENCE and core worth

in the world begins to be shaken within us

before it is even formed.

At the time when we could be building up

we are torn down.

We noticed when we showed up

in our quirky wild ways,

and were free and loud even,

we got shushed. We often felt ashamed,

branded and confused.

We learned to quarantine the wildness

and to try to be acceptable
so we could be loved.

But that isn’t what creates being loved.

We are only just finding that out.

Some of us got small and quiet.

But if we were too quiet and good

we got encouraged, Speak up!

We wondered if we would get it right. Ever.

We felt judged from such an early age.

Mixed messages created a mixed up

experience of identity.


We chose a way of being to be

that allowed us to survive.

The time to choose a way of being

that is based in thriving has come.

You feel it. Have felt it.

Have longed for it.

What does it look like…

Feel like…To be free…

To be full of our own beauty?

Without apology.


I don’t have any answers for you.

Since these are the questions I am asking.

And answering.

With every fiber of my being.

I have seen the carnage.

I have summoned the

warrior within on my behalf.

And now I live under

her fierce guidance and in my sacred work

I do not cease to speak of her.

This is time when the quarantined

wildness within – will set us free.

I tire of a construct where revolution is rare.

I savor a possibility of a free people.

~ Shiloh Sophia


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