So, what does adventure include? Poem+Video

And so what does adventure include?

Is it something inside?

Something outside?

Something that happens to you

or through you?

Is it somewhere you go

Or somewhere you imagine or invent?

Is it a bus trip to the jungle?

A shaman in the desert?

Is it a voyage to a foreign land

where no one knows your name?

Meeting strangers

sipping amber liquid from small glasses

by candlelight?

Is it a decision you made?

Like a perspective you hold?

Something others get to do

but not you?

Adventure calls, do you listen?

Do you yell back into that distant land,

Yes dear, I am packing my bags.


whether it is within

or a faraway castle

is a desire to fuel

creative fires with fresh eyes.

Say yes.

Say yes.

Say Yes


Paris August 2014

Filmed live from the Ghetto Museum

Ghetto Museum

The bar at the Ghetto Museum in Paris