Painting in Monet's Garden + The dream that just won't go away

Here’s one of my dreams that won’t go away
– painting in Monet’s garden.

Yes THOSE water lilies – privately. During the day there are thousands but at closing time 13 women were found painting in his garden….including me.

It had been raining and we set up in the rain, covering the paint tray with an umbrella with provisions of chocolate. Then the sun broke through and the water lilies opened their faces to the sun and so did I. This is that moment….

Shiloh Sophia Paints in Monet's Garden
Dear Dreaming One,

I am sure you have heard me say:
I thought my dreams and the best of my life was behind me. Well. I was wrong.
Last night over the final grand fete’ that Jonathan prepared for 18, we sat around the table and each of us spoke of the dreams we were present to, after a week in Paris together. Including things like painting the Eiffel Tower, setting up our French easels in Chartres Cathedral where we had quite a surprise which I am still trying to write about. And there’s more… Dining at Cafe Flore’ for a poetry salon in a private dining room surrounded by orchids where the greats also wrote their poems. And yes, private painting in Monet’s garden, yes, those water lilies.
So on our last night, I wanted to know…what was the dream on the tip of their tongue and in the soul fire of their hearts? I asked these bright and beautiful and bold women to speak to the table and in the hearing of our own dreams ignite their own.
We cried. We laughed. We toasted. We drank French wine. We ate for hours. Then we ate French macarons. We gave the men who were with us their own red threads who helped to tote our art supplies all over town. We listened, fascinated as each person dared to dream out loud and be surprised by what they had to say.
I spoke to our guests about being the field of miracles – since we were all there together and feeling so connected, the dreams spoken inside of THAT place had the capacity for quantum possibility (and yes I believe this with my whole soul because I have seen it happen to more women than I can count including, Moi…)

I invited them to choose, with me, to be in the state of living the dream – to always be incrementally in some small way every day moving towards it. That it wasn’t about even whether the dream was even reached – but that the way one would be in their life if they were moving always toward their dream would create the best possible life at any given moment. That this context would allow them to SEE the gifts and opportunities, and relationships and alliances that they wouldn’t be able to see otherwise – if they weren’t living with the eyes of the dream.

I am living a voyage of dreams. From the wedding and honeymoon to the Paris trip with Color of Woman School…and my sweet love – Jonathan. The trip was like an extended honeymoon + add friends in the Intentional Creativity Movement and we have a heap of beautiful trouble.

it has all been beyond my imagining – and that I GET to share it with women and men in my community is a gift beyond gifts. I am feeling blessed and when I feel blessed I usually want to share it with others since it overflows.

So dear one, this is a Dare to dream out loud. Dreaming in silence makes it harder for the miracles to gather around you. If you have journeyed with me a while, I do ask you this on a regular basis – and so I shall ask again….
I am inviting you to this space of dreams I am voyaging inside of. Will you take a moment with me and dream? What is the dream that wants you to become conscious of it at this moment in space and time….
Pause a moment and collect yourself into a quiet space of beauty….the kind you find at midnight when the world around you stills and only stars are speaking your language. Just there.

Pause and in bravery ask –

What dream is it that wants to reveal itself to me?
I really did live as if the best of my life was behind me and that infected all of my ideas in the strangest ways…and in due time, yes, time, I found my rose colored glasses again.
I am thinking of you right where you are – right from where I am.
Signed in the beauty and mystery that is Paris,