Don't keep me at arms length, poetry from Paris!‏

Don’t keep me at arms length

Don’t wonder if I will be true

or try to second guess your fear

Instead pull up a chair and sit beside me


No one has any idea when the cock will crow

No one has any idea who you really are

or even who they are for that matter

So what are we waiting for?

There isn’t a better time than now


Only yesterday many hearts broke open

We are lucky when one of them isn’t ours

or are we? One broken heart leads to a healed heart later

so why stay away and wonder what will happen?

Don’t keep me at arms length

Draw me near in fearless intimacy

and notice the fragile lines around my eyes

are from smiling crying and open mouthed laughing


We have all had days of feeling unwanted and

alone but we don’t have to live there

Live in the wide open heart spaces

where nothing and everything can happen


There is nothing and everything to lose

unless we choose to be the Beloved

then there is everything to gain

and to become one with.


Even and especially when we are alone

Then the arms of the world embrace us

and we are no longer alone because we choose.

Then everything belongs to us.


We belong to everything

Some days I don’t understand what this means

But today I do, so come closer

and tell me everything, because I want to know.