Source is Aware of Me – Poetry Reading on Solstice

Welcome to Shiloh Sophia Studios!
~ Dearest One ~
I send you blessings this day upon your Solstice!

I am imagining that you, might be willing to take a moment to pause, and even reflect on the past six months as this midpoint of the year – and then to consider what the next 6 months will hold for you. That is what I am doing today and it is SUCH a great practice and delight to look back and to look forward with eagerness about what is ahead.

In the Summer Solstice Ritual last night with Kristine and Christine, we explored really important themes, but the one that is really sitting with me today is this one:

What are you willing to ALLOW yourself to receive?
The poem I read in the video is from my recently released book, Tea with the Midnight Muse and is really an invitation to make a connection with SOURCE as a part of your receiving journey.
We may all relate to Source differently but we all have SOME kind of relationship to it – what is yours?

I wrote this poem when I was at an in between place with my Source – but I had a real sense of wanting it, to be connected to it, no matter where I was in my particular journey at the time. I found that I would remove myself from IT but that IT, SOURCE would never remove itself from me and really what was happening was that I was removing myself FROM Source, not in any way, the other way around. This is obvious right ~ but important to remember when times of faith are challenged.

What was I willing to allow myself to receive even in the
bald spots of my faith?

I wrote this poem as my WAY to connect with it – and to participate in the life of the Divine – this is a concept I learned from my church – that I am not the audience and the Creator is not the performer, I get to CHOOSE to participate in the life of the Divine. Now – not later if I am good, but right now exactly as I am, I am a part of this great unfolding story. I could choose toreceive this big LOVE despite what might appear to be evidence to the contrary. I am loved, we are loved. Maybe this doesn’t always make sense, especially in hard times and when loss is so ever present – but – for me this is how I move myself through to the next place.

I practice believing I am held in this love – no matter what.

I am thinking of you today. Not just kind of a little bit. But a lot. Maybe you don’t really know how I could really be thinking of you in a real sense, I don’t either, but I am, and we are all held in this great big bountiful love.
Thank you for being the cosmic red thread circle with me at this point on both of our journeys through the great Mystery.
Signed with sun on my skin from morning cafe, and sending a ray of sunshine your way….
Shiloh Sophia
Learning to see the light

Source is Aware of Me 

I live inside of the awareness
that there is an ever-present flow of Divine Love
at all times, all around me.
This is the Source of my life and my substance
and even when I am not aware of it,
my Source is always aware of me
and is working for good on my behalf.
Right in this moment,
in this place where I am,

this love IS.
My path as a human being held in Divine Love,
is to practice releasing my fear and
make myself available to receive and

embody this abundant grace given freely.
Having the faith to allow myself to know and feel
I am held in the heart of the Beloved.

Sharing this love when I am inspired to do so,

and especially, when I am challenged to do so.

I count it as a gift to be able to discover
what is my part in the great unfolding,
and to live it to its fullness.

It is my charge, to expand my understanding
of myself, and this universe.
Offering my gifts on the altar of humanity,

in these ways, I am invited to be a participant

in the life of the Divine,

as the Great Mystery
unfolds its Great Story
upon this good green earth.

It is my joy to be in wonder of it all

and to find the awe in falling in love

with each day and this creation.
May all beings have the experience
of this Big Love.

Shiloh Sophia


The above reading and poem is  from Tea with the Midnight Muse
Invocations for Awakening – Rants, Blessings & Dares


The video was recorded live from Cosmic Cowgirls for the Summer Solstice Ritual:
Grace Under Pressure ~
Music by Jennifer Alexander