Inside of you
is radiant luminous code.
Ciphers ripe for deciphering.
This seeing is what I came here for.
Some might call me an artist,
and a poet if they favor me.
I am merely a witness
to your potential beauty.

Inside of you
stardust is begging the seams
to cross the veil of form.
Reach through
and take hold of the tail
of particle and wave
and pull it through to this place
where we hearts can witness you.

Inside of you
there is something sacred.
That which I call “content”
that belongs only to you, as you.
Sometimes you don’t see it,
I see it, we are all witness to it.
We have need for your gifts,
place them here on the altar.

Inside of you
there is a great longing to be seen
but only you can fill this longing.
We already see your radiance,
yet your longing persists.
Now you know you must see yourself
to be fully seen in the way you seek.
You are your own witness.

Inside of you
a great call is calling
a great wheel is turning, towards you.
That which is yours to do is at the threshold,
beckoning for you to witness with your yes.
There are many ways to say yes.
Here take this pen, this brush,
and give yourself as a love offering to your own life.