After 1000 Broken Vows

She Opens to Love
After 1000 Broken Vows

After 1000 broken vows
We will rise again.

I promise.

Surrendering to the Mystery

of knowing and not knowing,
we finally understand
that we will not
do everything
we say we will.

This confession

should feel like a relief.
We have transcended
getting it right
when we finally get it
that we won’t.
We can let ourselves off 
our own meat hooks;
when we finally know,
that integrity, comes and goes.

Perfection is over-rated.

One fine day

in the middle of the night,
our truths lined up single file
andwent out for a midnight spree
and then didn’t come home.

And we woke up truth-less.

Then it is time to begin again.

Better that the heart

be broken 1000 times,
than never open at all.

My job is to wipe the fevered brow

of our restless creative musings,
not demolish the hospitals
that house our sicknesses.
Though, I do dream
of revolution for breakfast.

This is my truth: 

I have no idea what is going on.
I only know that we must create
and keep on creating no matter what.

Before the mending with red thread.

First, the breaking open.

Vow 1001 ~ I have been waiting for you.