The Illuminated Heart on Friday!

Illuminated Heart

The Illuminated Heart

Livestreaming Painting Journey with Shiloh Sophia & special guest teacher
Sue Hoya Sellars

You will enter the terrain of the heart through painting, prayer and opening the eye of the heart…

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A Letter from the Red Thread Cafe with Shiloh Sophia

Dear One,

In planning this experience for you – here are the questions that came into my heart. Pause a moment and place your hand on your heart, as if to activate the ‘seeing’ and deep listening that is there. Then tune into these inquiries…

Do you often feel like you have done SO MUCH healing yet there is so much more to do? (you have done the workshops and meditations and yet you don’t feel healed enough to move on)

Are there certain scars in your heart that just don’t seem to go away no matter what? (in fact they might seem more like open wounds than scars)

Is there a hidden layer of grief that threatens to spill over when triggered by a seemingly unrelated incident? (then you beat yourself up for not being able to move on)

Do you feel like you just cannot take anymore and need more space in which to expand? (that sense of having no more space and being so sensitive to everything around you)

Does the heart feel like such a great mystery that you have no control over connecting with yours? (you feel out of control with your emotions and how to regulate what comes in and what goes out)

Somewhere there is an un-forgiveness hiding in the shadows but you don’t know how to reach it and bring it into the light (and you have tried, and being right no longer matters, because the pain is taking up too much space)

If you felt a yes or a recognition, I created this journey for you. But first I did it myself, which I will tell you about in our class.

Come explore the terrain of the heart through the practice of intentional creativity and quantum physics.

Here’s what you can expect from our time together:

antomicheartheartillustrationvintage-0e5163d6c87dfc1c4e138255b34c182f_h~ Paint a painting of the terrain of your own heart. ~ Articulate the wounded places and bring them into the light. ~ Enter into a prayer practice that is connected with your heart as living temple. ~ Experience a day of ritual through intentional creativity. ~ Light the flame on the top of your heart through prayer. ~ Choose to live through the eyes of the illuminated heart.

Join me for this live-streaming painting journey with a special guest appearance from Sue Hoya Sellars, to paint an anatomical heart as the base painting and literally learn about how your heart works.This class is about connecting with the terrain of your heart. A gorgeous complicated space with so much to teach us. When I prayed about what the work is that I wanted to do before my wedding and leaving for my honeymoon – I wanted to talk to you about the heart and my experience with healing it through creativity – specifically intentional creativity and the work I did to heal my own heart. I engaged in a very specific writing and painting process of mapping my own suffering. Through this process I got very conscious of how to heal my heart, but not just heal it, open it to love and I will share with you the bones and blood of that process.

The process I will share with you is what I did, and I feel finally healed enough to overflowing, so that it is ready to be shared with you. I will share a bit of my own story with you too – and what it was like for me to engage in this process.

Do you know the original story of the sacred heart image and concept? I will share that with you….

About the process ~ here’s how it works.

IMG_4500If you are new to painting and intentional creativity working with the heart can feel kind of scary so here is an idea of how it works. But most of all you just need to feel called, I will handle the rest for us during the class about how it all works.

After our altar building and opening of the red thread circle we will begin to put paint onto canvas – and no experience is needed. Each of us will be painting our own illuminated heart. We will be mapping out an anatomical heart with Sue – learning about the specifics and how it works, to lay a foundation for our painting process.

I will lead you in a visioning of the terrain of the heart, and accessing the eye of the heart. Then we will map out the wounded places that you are ready to shed light on and have illumination about. Each of us will CHOOSE areas to work with that are still hounding us… no matter how much healing we feel like we have already done – or feel like we are in need of. Usually this relates to stories in our lives, experiences we have had that we cannot shake off. But to the contrary of this being a downer experience, accessing these places through conscious inquiry and intentional creativity often immediately brings light to the subject. Through our denying it, it festers like a wound – through opening to it and being open to it, light comes.

Then we will bring the heart medicine of color and beauty to create the illuminated heart, and finally, light the flame of the sacred heart.

Warning – There will be SOME Jesus and Mary spoken here since I am talking about my own story and the terrain of my heart story – so if you are allergic there will always be other classes or just take your allergy medicine and come anyway 🙂

Count Me In

The cost is $77.00. Materials needed – Square canvas bigger than 20X20 – Acrylic Paint, Sharpie, Paper for writing, Charcoal Before class you will want to build an Altar to the possibility of the illumined heart – Gather your supplies connected to the elements… chocolate, candle, fire, bowl that you can burn paper in, flowers in a bowl of water, what else wants to be included? shilohmccloud-863285ec-a167-4f8c-a9d2-671cd1628614-v2