Video about Our Lady Lodge with Christine Arylo + Poem

LUNA – Retreat with Christine Arylo and Shiloh Sophia from Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Christine and I are so so excited for this event – we have room for two women who feel called by the Great Lady – Learn more here


Lady of Squash Blossoms and Bumble Bees
I woke today with an image of you in my mind.
You were sitting in the garden snapping peas with brown hands.
There was a tangled halo of squash blossoms around your head.
There were bees in symphony making a ring around you, eating squash honey.
Your baby was at your breast making sucking sounds, drinking sweet milk,
His little hand was closed around a yellow squash.
You were humming a tune I did not know, but that was familiar to me.
You didn’t see me though I was standing right there with you,
the tangle of squash vines clinging to my pink nightgown.
Your garment was the color of saffron and your bare feet were
resting in little patch of white flowers.
The smell of Summer approaching is pungent and intoxicating.
You stopped a moment as if remembering something you might
have forgotten. I wondered if it was me.
But I know you will never forget me. I live in your garden.
Then your baby and my God, cried, and you turned your attention to Him.
You were more beautiful than anything I could ever imagine.
Lady of Squash Blossoms and Bumble Bees
Later that day on my front porch was a squash.
Perhaps you left it? Well then, it shall go into my soup.