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 Everybody just SO wants to be who they really are. But how?

The search for authentic expression is an on-going voyage to inner space.

Yes, gaining access to that sacred chamber where you soul story lives is possible.
You can CHOOSE to view and access that which is held within you, but how?

Our FREE 7 week class starting Wednesday attempts to give you a glimpse

through the lens of Quantum Creativity…Seekers enter here at your own risk.

 The Red Talks video below shares some of my thoughts on Quantum Creativity in preparation for our class.

(ha ha my face looks like I am in awe-amazement)



~ Shasta Nelson ~ Samantha Bennett  ~ Christine Arylo ~ Maggie Ostara  ~

 ~ Meggan Watterson ~ Amy Ahlers ~ SARK: Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy ~
An Invitation for you, Dear One!
I believe that every single human being, at their core, just really wants to be who they truly are ~ yet I am amazed at how illusive that often occurs for us. When we don’t know who we are, we seek external validation that never really comes in the way we need it, and we make choices that are inconsistent with who we are and create lives that don’t reflect our deepest desires.
To express that which is within our soul we need ACCESS to the within. There is a way, and it is much easier than we often think – but there is some practice needed which is why this invitation is to join with us in Red Thread Circle for 7 weeks – each student will choose an idea to work with during our time together, their “Quantum Inquiry” – this is SO exciting I can hardly stand it, I am jumping out of my chair as I write you this! (Could be the coffee with cream and cinnamon but I am pretty sure it is because I am connecting with you, Dear One!

Do you know HOW COOL it is that you can have access to your infinite possibilities through CHOOSING to bring your intention to it?

When we have a world in which most of of us aren’t able to live from the heart of who we are, we have a world in which sustainability for our planet and ourselves is compromised. Each of us has a vision for what is truly ‘saving’ – for me it is this: Access to Quantum Creativity. Why? Well I hope to tell you during our classes just why I think this concept is so very life saving. I have spent the majority of my life working on it, and now I bring it to you, yep, in a free class with my friends and colleagues.
As humans, we are a design, a gorgeous, luminous, ridiculously complex creation and most of us have no idea ‘how we work’. What is the structure of how we think and feel and have our being? In Quantum Creativity we will begin to ‘show you around’ your own interior – as if shining a light on the invisible world within. You won’t even believe how much more wonderful it is ‘in here’ in the mystic realm than you can possibly imagine. No one showed us how to get inside 😦 but once you are in, LOOK OUT! Because you are able to look out from within with a perspective that is life altering. HOW YOU SEE YOURSELF and the UNIVERSE will change in the quantum field we are co-creating.


Did you know when you observe something, a star, a flower, an electron, it changes its pattern in response to YOUR VIEW?
The universe is conscious and observable when you choose to VIEW it with your consciousness?

“Where did I come from and what am I supposed to be doing. I have no idea.
My soul is from elsewhere I am sure of that, and I intend to end up there.”
~ Rumi



If you have a sense that your soul is from elsewhere – but you long for that deeper connection with yourself, and with others – then come enter into the realm of Quantum Creativity.
You are invited to the first in a series of conversations called The Red Talks designed to create and catalyze cosmic connections across the globe. It is free and it starts Wednesday, May 7 and goes for 7 weeks. I have called together a a circle of my girlfriends: all of whom are teachers, visionaries and luminary entrepreneurs who have agreed to share not only their story with you – but also, how THEY access their own information to create lives that truly reflect their beauty and genius.
Our blazingly brilliant creatively inspired Teachers for our our class are none other than my very own friends and each one has designed a class for you. Our classes will include the Red Thread Circle, ritual, actions steps, inquiries, as well as ways you can participate in the class experience.

~ Shasta Nelson ~ Samantha Bennett  ~ Christine Arylo ~ Maggie Ostara  ~

 ~ Meggan Watterson ~ Amy Ahlers ~ SARK ~
Co-created with the women of the Red Thread Nation which are the Color of Woman Teachers, and my dear friend and collaborator for 8 years,
Mary MacDonald, aka StellaMac of Cosmic Cowgirls University with bonus creativity tracks from Jenafer Joy.

Get your place in the circle here.
We will meet each Wednesday at 12 pst for Red Thread Cafe, and If you cannot join us live, you will receive the recording within 48 hours.
What is quantum creativity anyway? Well you are going to have to join the circle to find out because what we are going to create hasn’t happend yet! We have called together a sacred container of feminine wisdom around a central them – the QUANTUM-NESS of our lives and beings and from there, who really knows, as the class exists in a state of potential. If I were to be VERY honest, I would tell you that it is YOU as the observer who will influence how the class goes because you are a part of co-creating this powerful circle!

I chose this topic because for over twenty years (yes count them, 20) I have been exploring the healing arts and their capacity to transform us and our lives. I have done research with hundreds of women on how change happens, why, when and in what context and arena. I have made some incredible discoveries that have blown my mind and heart open about how creativity works, and can work. When I looked around at the women in my life I noticed that they too had employed these powerful levels of causation in the creation of their lives and businesses through their own creativity. While the discoveries I made were directly related to painting, I saw the pattern that existed across all the modalities and was able to begin speaking about it and how it worked and talking to my g-friends about it. I got excited. And in that excitement wanted to share this gift with you, so I asked the Red Thread Nation, as well as Cosmic Cowgirls to join with me to bring you Revolutionary Education through Quantum Creativity – get your spot in the circle now.

We want to make this really accessible – that is why it is free!

Perhaps you have been feeling like you want to access your creative self but don’t have the time for a big long journey. This will be 7 hours of wisdom spread over 7 weeks brought to your inbox. You can attend live and we will send the recording of the class within 48 hours. You will have up to one week to listen and engage with other students about that particular class topic.


The foundation of this class is based in four areas of inquiry.

1. spiritual practice – making transformation real in your life.

2. intentional creativity – bringing form to your ideas.

3. neuroscience – working with your brain to re-pattern

4. quantum creativity – exploring how to expand your consciousness


In each class we will share with you nuggets of wisdom about how how we really work with our right and left brain connected to the wisdom of the heart and how quantum creativity can be put to use in your life. Today.


Each student will be choosing a point of inquiry that they want to work with during our 7 weeks – something that you long to manifest or call into being through our work, something that longs for a transformation. Each week with each teacher you will discover another red thread in the weaving of HOW to cause what which you are working on to come into form. 


I am truly grateful that the interconnectedness of the web and technology has made this sacred conversation possible – join us for Red Talks.


Holding Red Thread Circle with you now – feel it?




Above is a page from my journal – you are going to need a few materials, a journal and some pens and a cup of tea for the Red Thread Cafe.