The Healing Icon Video + Retreat at 'Mi Casa' + My Revelation

What do YOU think about the concept of transference, of something in a potential state becoming actual in form? Have you heard of transubstantiation? How about Quantum Creativity and how it works? In my vlog I share my radical thoughts with you – for the first time – exposing my rather cosmic beliefs (gulp) about how I think it works with Intentional Creativity, and how you can create your own healing icon, with me, at my very own home and grotto here. ~

Dear One,

Do you know how there are things that you don’t know, that you know, and that you don’t know that you don’t know? How years could go by and you are are working with a concept that you aren’t conscious of in a conscious way but somewhere in the background it is operating, working, forming in a potential reality until one day – you have language for it and therefore can manifest it? Many things are at work in the subconscious realities – that are winging their way towards form and waiting for us to be ready to bring them INTO this reality and actuality. It is really exciting isn’t it? Amidst all the hardship, we are all encountering, there is this beauty unfolding all around us asking the questions love asks like – when we turn towards the flower does it turn towards us? The answer, is, yes. It does.

That is how it is for me, now twenty years into my life work as a visual artist, poet and teacher. The concepts I have been working with for years are finally coming into language in a way that I can share it, and to make it more simple for others to understand it and take hopefully less time than it took for me to understand it! I teach about this in the Color of Woman Teacher training in a very in depth way – but right now I am offering to share some of my core concepts with you – in three very incredible (I think) ways. And yes it feels so personal and vulnerable to just ‘put it out there’ in the vlog above. But I felt called to share…so I did.
So would you do me the pleasure of getting a cup of tea and joining me at the Red Thread Cafe…I have a few things I want to share with you.
Join me and 7 of my super brilliant g-friends for a Free 7 week class on Quantum Creativity. This is part of a series I have been working on for years, Red Talks, that is finally coming into form. We are going to share with you HOW we access our creative information and how you can too – all of these women have created extraordinary lives of visionary entrepreneurship from their personal genius, and we are going to places we haven’t been to before to bring you this information. It is going to be hot. Starts May 7 in collaboration with Cosmic Cowgirls University and the Red Thread Nation. Feel free to share this far and wide with a link to the page –
Shasta Nelson, Maggie Ostara, Amy Ahlers, Samantha Bennet, Meggan Watterson, Christine Arylo and Sark, aka Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy co-created with Mary MacDonald of Cosmic Cowgirls and the Red Thread Nation.
The Great Wheel of the Great Lady is turning towards you in May for an in person event starting May 22. Join my radiant friend, spiritual teacher and catalyst, Christine Arylo and I for an incredibly special event – I am tearing up just writing about it, I just talked to her on the phone and we cannot even believe we GET to offer you LUNA – Our Lady Lodge where each Initiate will paint her very own HEALING ICON in the way I describe in the video. This is being held in my very own home in the Valley of the Moon. I am ecstatic that my sweetie Jonathan is going to be our Master Chef providing deluxe Sonoma County cuisine for our retreat. Join us in the red tent for red paint, red wine and red thread circle. Christine and I believe in the sacred experience combined with the celebration so we will be doing a mountain top wine tasting. And of course walking in nature on the mountain tops. And painting outside near the grotto of Our Lady. She who changed my life and has caused all that I am creating now to come into being.
This month has been ALL about healing – I didn’t plan it that way on purpose, but it is. Last week I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Lissa Rankin, we created an experience to Awaken Your Inner Healer that is blowing open the doors of the hearts of our participants. We co-created from her best selling book, Mind Over Medicine working with the 6 steps of self healing and translating them into painting steps – how COOL is that? You can participate now in Awaken Your Inner Healer.

During one of Lissa’s meditations I had a RADICAL awakening, which is part of what has inspired me to share with you, these concepts in the video above. I was talking to my Inner Healer, and asking about my own healing journey, since that is what we called the class, a journey. She said – you aren’t on a journey. You are healed. I was like, what, you talking to me? She was like, YES. You can rest now, you have arrived. BLEW my mind.

I had a revelation. I am so all about the journey I have been forgetting to just stop and acknowledge, there is nothing wrong. I feel healed. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD. What a revelation. In the class, you can see me have my epiphany. Of course, I know there are always more journeys, but this sense of arriving and acknowledging TRULY got me right where it counts, in the heart and so I wrote it on my painting!

Join us to have your own healing epiphany! WHOOT! Lissa was FANTASTIC and our synergy was felt around the world with close to 150 women participating. Over in our private group on the Red Thread Cafe you can see all the workings of the women and their processes once you join – and get your Inner Healer Altar instructions today.
And so… life is bountiful….
It is Wednesday and I am preparing for the Cornerstone Gathering for Color of Woman and my mind and heart are filled up, ready to express my most up to date technology regarding Intentional Creativity – time for Red Thread Circle. So before I go into deep retreat space, I wanted to send you this little-big note letting you know what I am up to. As you might know, I am engaged to be married this SUMMER – whoooooohoooo and so I will be taking some serious time off – so if you feel called to work with me anytime before the Fall – then these are the offerings of my heart. Unless of course you plan to come to Paris with me.

If I could hug you I would. If I could lay hands on you and heal what ails you I would, I always wanted to do that when I was growing up – I prayed to Jesus to be a hands on healer – even though Caroline Myss says no one prays to be a healer or mystic, lol. I did. But what came through was so very unexpected and blessed – laying on of hands on to the canvas – and inviting you to do the same. I accept this charge.