I am healed.

Shiloh Awaken Painting
Creativity is the place in between the two worlds
where spirit and matter meet and where I love to dwell.
When we visit this ‘location’ in our field
there is access to thoughts we haven’t thought
before. I cannot imagine that anyone would
NOT want to visit this holy place – where
that which has not been imagined yet takes form.
This place, of quantum creativity is the zone
in which all of my work for the past twenty years
has taken place – the research, the ideas, methods,
the application of intentional creativity.
It is because of this awareness within myself,
the very knowing that I could work ‘here’ in
creativity, that has given rise to anything
and everything I created in my life.

I give thanks my mother, Caron McCloud who
turned 77 yesterday for teaching me how to think
in the first place – that I had that place within
me and that it was worthy of time, and tenderness.

Yesterday in the Awaken Your Inner Healer
class with Lissa Rankin I was able visit, and share
this place with her, and with the close to 150 women
who joined us. This painting, called I am healed
is what I created. We met and connected
with our Inner Healer and I heard
this amazing message when I asked about
my own healing journey. You have
arrived. YOU are healed. You will have
to join the class to see me have my
epiphany and share it but it was
really, really incredible. Working with Dr.
Lissa Rankin was such a gift –
what a wonderful mind and heart.
Shiloh and Lissa
Lots of women are painting her right now so if you want to join in –
then come on over and watch the videos  by signing up.
I am writing you today from the red thread cafe with
my first cup of coffee beside me in utter gratitude.
Today is a day off and I am reveling in the beauty
of this gift with my sweetie, Jonathan Lewis.
I am planning to do some writing today but
wanted to say hello – and blessings.