Do you wipe up the counter in the public bathroom?

IMG_0323  Dear One,

I want to know. Because these are hidden thoughts we don’t talk about. Shhhh….listen closely.

How do you relate to the universe? Your environment?

Are you a guest here and therefore treat it as if you are a guest and

someone else will clean up after you?

Or do you inhabit this earth home as your own? This body as a temple?

I want to know if you wipe up the counter in the public bathroom after you are done even if it wasn’t your mess.

Or if you pick up garbage on your morning walk.

Or if you avoid chaotic people in the marketplace.

Or think that you have never cut someone off in traffic while distracted.

There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle. Einstein

Do you feel the energy of the last person who touches the handle of the shopping cart and resist it? (I do)

I don’t want to know because I think it is good or bad or otherwise.

There are a hundred hidden things we don’t talk about, small and large, that we avoid and I wonder

about these taboos of decency or indecency.

It is also about beauty. When you turn to witness a flower do you believe it is turning towards you as well? ( I do)

Are you witness, participant, meastro or just passing by? What is your way of inhabiting earth?

What are your random acts of kindness, the hidden ones that no one knows about that secretly thrill your soul.

Do you think perhaps if you wipe up the soiled floor in a public place that you are doing that, somehow for God?

Are you afraid to get your hands dirty – are you, like me, afraid that the one who cooked your food

even in a nice restraunt was fighting with his wife right before he made your fettucini with clams.

I wonder about the denial – what we keep from ourselves.

I remember when my breasts were coming in as a young girl and I asked the girl with the already big boobs

if they felt to her like ‘this’ or like ‘that’ since I felt afraid. She just said no –

as if she felt nothing and I was strange. I remember that incident continually as a reckoning

for the secret ways we close ourselves off from intimacy.

This is what I am asking about – not because I expect you to answer, but because

it is a wonderful thing to ask yourself how you are moving and having your being in the world.

This is a wonderful thing to ask yourself these kinds of questions. Oddly enough it brings you closer to God.
But why?

Perhaps, this will make you think, as it has made me think, this Lent Season,

about how interact with “what is”.

Do you blame some unseen force for inconvenience or act like murphy’s law is always in place?

Do you just not notice or comment on the days when the sun does shine?

Today perhaps — write a letter to the Universe. Find a rock or patch of moss somewhere

and see what wants to be said. When we allow what wants to be said, to be said, there is freedom

to know what is real about how we are feeling.

Allow the earth and your response to it to teach you about who you are being.

Noticing the bloming flower is as significant as the wiping up of the bathroom sink or the fevered brow.

I am not asking because I am good. I am asking because I am a thinking being

and have been thinking on things of this nature and because then I think of you since at the Red Thread Cafe,

that is often what I do, think of you.

In Curiousity about our human condition and possibility,

Shiloh Sophia

Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me.