A Prayer for Artists to the Most Painted Lady in All The World

DSC_0109A Prayer for Artists
To the Most Painted Lady
in All the World

Our Lady,
Mother of All Good Things
We artists are a complex weaving.

Our beauty
and our suffering seek expression
through brush and pen
through hand and voice
through drum and dancing feet
through paper and scissor
through image and word
through color and form
through stars and sums
through hearts and minds
through lives and deaths
through desire.

We live drunk struck with joy
and fear struck with worthiness.

Yes, fear enough to stay the brush
or halt the tambourine.

Is it worth it to make art?
Am I good enough?
What is the value of my work?
What will others think of me, of it?

I should have taken up accounting,
Become a lawyer, a doctor or politician,
Or cleaned my house after all,
Instead of getting myself to my studio
or my notebook for tea with the Muse.

This chatter poisons our ideas
with lack of Faith in the works
of our hands.

As a form of medicine,
you have given yourself, Lady,
your own image and heart,
and holy flaming spark
to millions of painters, sculptors,
poets and songwriters.

That is why I am asking you,
the most painted Lady in all the world
on behalf or artists everywhere!
You are the most painted Lady in the world!
The most sung about Lady in all the world!
Lady, I beseech you on our behalf!

I call to you for the artists,
Whose creative mind and hand and heart
is set to something which is

Blessed Lady! Mother of All Good Things!
Hail, Holy Lady, look upon our tribe of creative beings today!

Call us to the studio to light the candle!
Call us to the paintbrush filled with blue paint!

Call us to the piano filled with unsung songs!
Call us to the dance floor to dance with you.

And the anvil and the forging fire and crucible.
And the garden beds of red beet,
Gold plums and leafy greens.

Call us to the creative kitchen
where healing soups mend the world.

Call us to the streets for spontaneous soul theater.

Call the poets to the cafés for readings again!

Call the writers to the desks
And set their pens on fire!

Call us to the blank canvas,
To find the messages within.

Call us to the uncarved block
To roll away the stone.

Call us to the camera.
To capture children laughing
and to notice light of day.

Lady, the world is torn
with pain and grief and greed
and yes we senistive ones feel the
paradox and bring it to the studio
for sorting.

Inform the artists that it is our job to weave
our golden and red threads
through the dense matter of oppression
through the dark fog of injustice and the
tyranny of images sold which do not represent life
but the worst kind of death, the needless kind.

We cannot always do the saving of the world work
when we often need to be in the studio.

It is the prayer cubicle of the studio which
shows us how we too, can serve you in the
hurting parts of life.

Our creations are an antidote to the violence.
Artists are the revolutionaries who change
the world through provoking inquiry and possibility.

We are the visionaries who record
what ‘they’ do not want us to record?

Our work is the work of truth telling
the truths that come from the soul of
the people who watch with the keenest of eyes.

And yes we struggle with worth and will!

TODAY light the flame on our hearts and hearths
And cause an idea – that blessed spark of light
that all artists see – to flicker within us.

TODAY if we do not see or feel the spark,
or never feel inspired at all, STILL –

Let us not wait for inspiration,
we create because we must.
To make art is to make life.

Call us BLESSED MOTHER to remember who
We are – visionaries of the ages – whose work
keeps the balance in the unseen realms.

Our paintings count as prayers.
Hail, Full of Grace, hear my prayer
on behalf of all artist’s everywhere,
I call to thee, Oh Holy Lady,

Most painted lady in all the world.

Shiloh Sophia

Hello dear one!

I wrote this poem a few years ago and have been wanting to re-write it for some time and finally here it is! It still needs work but I send it off to you this morning. I work with hundreds of artist and over the last twenty years, thousands and I am always so struck by the worth and will conversation and how little it has to do with the real making of art.

I am so ALL about breaking the belief patterns that keep us from creating. Creating brings us to ourselves, and when we are brought to ourselves the right actions for our lives become available to us. Many of us are super senstitive, picking up the suffering and the beauty at an almost acute level – and that is why we must create – to manage what is coming through our filters. I keep thinking about all the illnesses and challenges we are facing as a people – trying to process so much through these sacred body vessels.

In this moment as I write from the Red Thread Thread Cafe I am about to get ready to spend the day with a TRIBE of creative beings, my beloved Cosmic Cowgirls. For over 8 years this has been my community and my ministry, my offering. This is our ANNUAL gathering and today we work with personal story and image and collage, and of course, chocolate and glitter will be a part of the cosmic equation. I get to teach with Jena, Mary and Sue. How about that?

I would love to send you the prayer above for real, not just read off the page, but for real. For you to feel it in earnest. So will you pause a moment and enter the field with me – to allow yourself to receive whatever blessing or holy spark is for you? Perhaps you will join us today in creating. Perhaps you will be called to your studio or the blank page.

I will share with you some of the inquiries we are working with in our painting process –

What are the unconscious beliefs you are holding and how are they shaping your life?

Are there taboos that you haven’t gotten conscious that are informing your choices?

What life choices are calling to be reviewed?

Signed with a stroke of paint….