Giving Birth to Living Waters

shiloh 2
She gives birth to living waters.
The spirit of renewal is in her hands.
Reach out, ye who thirst and be nourished.
From her heart pours forth pure love.
At all times and in all ways, this healing
is here, only we don’t always access it.
It might not look like what we think
or want it to and in the time in which
we ask for it. Still, it is here. Beyond
knowing and having and beyond
certainty there is this place we can
access were living water flows.
She who gave birth
to the fountain of forgiveness
now gives birth to you.

We mystics don’t know how
any of this works, knowing is
not what makes us mystics.
Risking to discover language, symbol,
light, sound, shape, form and to
share it, is what brings the mystical
into the tangible. We cannot
possess this or earn this.
This is about grace. We
cannot know what that means
but we can drink from it by
choice. Graces is freely given,
this is light that shines
from the Divine Child.

Receiving this love today…..