What did the Poet say to the Physicist?

Here’s what happens when
a poet encounters quantum physics.
She writes in prayer particle and wave.

Here’s how it works.
Be utterly fascinated.
Walk around in awe at and with the universe.
Whisper unrealized dreams to the Cosmos
and imagine star shaped ears leaning in,
hanging on your every word.

There is real art in you that is hidden,
that you think no one cares about.
Who cares, if they don’t care.
Give up the need to be accepted.
Accept that you are relevant as you are.

Sometimes you have to step out of
what you know and visit other realms.
Make blue paint marks on your face
and paint naked while dreaming of Santorini.
I do. I spend a lot of time in wonder.
Artists and poets are like that.
Always wondering around.

Shiloh Blue Paint
Can I tell you something?
Often our unspeakable stories

have become too golden. They
hold us up and hold us back
and are taking up too much territory
that could be wisely used for
“living stories” that are
longing for expression from you.

Do you imagine your past is who
you have become? This is not real treasure.
The real treasure comes when you
can put the past to good use.
Become notorious. Re-invent your story
into a legend. Break your own taboos.
Jesus told us to lay our burdens down,
but will we? Say yes ~ Say yes ~ Say yes.

Here’s what’s real.
What’s real is what you love.
Are you free enough to love what you truly love?

When you love what you love, life becomes real.
Real means we are not asleep anymore, it
doesn’t mean reality is as it seems.
Your realness shows you where to look
to discover your next destination on the path.
Realness shows you how to be in relationship
to that looking. There are winged eyes to wear.

If you often feel alone or isolated,
what are your rituals of connectedness?
When you have morning tea with the muse,
do you give thanks for another day
as if this was the only and ever day, ever.
If not, then you are missing out.
If you don’t know your Muse you might
want to make that a top priority,
as she is the one in charge of the voice
in your head – yes, she narrates everything
but she requires some seduction, perhaps
dark chocolate with her tea,
and certainly some TIME to call her own.
This is what saves my life and has
created the space to become myself.
I cannot become me, while rushing.
I am made of poems and brushstrokes
not appointments and broadcasts.

Will you consider this?
Get a journal. Light a candle. Pause with

teacup and pen and allow. Connect
with yourself as if your life depends on it,
it does, you know. To live life without
inquiry into yourself isn’t really living at all.
The state of our world is evidence of
people who aren’t inquiring at all.
It used to make me mad, then bored,
than I started a movement of awakening
and inquiry, just so I could have THAT
conversation. The one about consciousness.
And pleasure. What good is it to be awake
if we aren’t able to enjoy the wakening?

I have a question for you. Do you mind?
It is a big one and not all together comfortable.

Do you pray for the woman across the world
whose bed is made of hard straw while
at the same time reveling in 700 thread count
Egyptian cotton sheets with Damask stripes?
This is what the mystic knows,
to be in love with life you have to love her,
and your own life without either
one cancelling the other out. In the realm of
quantum physics, when you pray
for her, she feels it, and so do you.
Will you believe this?
Your joy doesn’t take away from her suffering.
If you are awake, your joy
will cause you to act on behalf of her suffering.
This is not some big secret, and yet
so few of us know it or live it.

Can you make paradox your teacher,
instead of your keeper? If so you
will be a smidge closer to drinking
from the Holy Grail. What is the
grail? For me, it is choice.

I choose to live inside the field.
(We already do but some of us
don’t act like we are)
I live in the between spaces,
the place in between the places.
There is so much room here.
The Universe is my home
and my vessel of stardust
is waking up bone by bone.
Each bone coming to life
and moving freely across
the terrain of possibility
contained within me.

My hum is humming along
with the cosmos. Hear it?
I hear yours. You are so lovely.

I want to tell you something.
I am addicted, it is true.

Addicted to the thoughts I haven’t
thought yet – take me there,
and I am in bliss. That
almost future spaciousness
that isn’t chained down
by taboo or childhood story
or goals or ambitions suggested
by society.  Break out of those.

Pause a moment with me,
just here, inside this sacred
spaciousness and move yourself
just off the gridlines of your
usual track. It might seem
almost imperceptible at first,
but it could be the quantum
leap you are looking for,
even if you didn’t know you
were looking, I am quite
certain you are. Part of
being alive is a longing
for true transformation.

This is more
than a shift in perspective,
this is a re-orientation to the
Universe itself, and how
to live here in the presence
of Glory. And the way you
RELATE to it.

What would I tell you
if I could tell you anything?

You can participate in the life of the Beloved.
You are a part of the Beloved itself,
and it is a part of you. Same star stuff.
And yes I still believe in THE Divine
but it is a relationship, not a one way thing.

You are not a bystander,
you are so wanted. Do you know that?
And your gifts, oh honey, your gifts,
are so very needed by us.
But mostly by your own soul’s thirst.
Parched souls are fed living water
through self expression.

Here’s the amazing thing,
if you express your gifts,
it creates this ineffable spaciousness
and your soul begins to roam
around in new territory,
watered with sweet potentiality.
Delicious. I say, delicious.

I want you to hear this:
You are a part of everything.
This is the most important theory of all.
Enter the field through awareness
of your own presence, as a part of it.

Try this.
Speak and sing into water before sipping or dipping.

Walk the earth as sacred ground. Listen to the trees.
Understand, that you are standing in the cosmos.
Know that it is the fire inside, that illuminates your heart.
Your heart is the one who guides you, not just your mind.
Remember, gravity is no match for the velocity of your wings.
Black holes contain saving secrets, will you listen?
The person next to you, in line, might be an Angel.
Even and especially if they make you uncomfortable.
If you walk around like this you are sure to fall in
love with the theory of everything.

It could be dangerous to the status quo however.

Do you really KNOW this?
Your interaction with the Universe

alters the Universe’s interaction with you.
This conversation is not about conceptual laws
or harnessing the power of it for our
own benefit, however. This is about
falling wildly in love with particle
and wave, and about your place
in the continuum. And yes you have
your own piece of the red thread
in the infinite momentum frame
because you are part of what holds
the weave together. Accept this
blessing, and this call to greatness
and inter-relatedness. It’s yummy
in here. You feel a part of something.
You might even feel, well,
at home. Now that would be
something, wouldn’t it?

The only way to live like this,
so that it is not another task
or spiritual practice to be gotten
through or a goal to be reached is this:

Be utterly fascinated
with each other and with

Do you realize
how different this is
than the way most of us
live? We live on the edge,
my dear, but it is the wrong
one. The edge we could
be living on is the one
that makes us come alive.
Let’s go to that edge
and look over into
infinite non-perterbative
matrix of what could become
available to us when
we change our framework.
Everything seems like
a miracle. And it is.

This is the edge the
Virgin Mary walked
when she said yes
to the Angel stranger.
You never know
what might happen, do you?

Who wants to live in certainty?
That is an illusion, but we
all run around trying to find it,
to claim it, to possess it.
Surrender possessing anything
that doesn’t make you more free.
That is different for each of us.
And different on different days.
This isn’t a call away from
material matter into spirit,
rather it is a call to truly
embody matter and learn
to LOVE it from the inside out.
Do you like being in a body?
I like being embodied.
I like it here. Being
a creative being is what
makes being human natural
because it our natural function
to create. Creating opens
us to ourselves, and thus,
to others, and yes,
the Universe’s eyelashes
do wink at you, when
dare to create.

Most of all I wanted to
tell you of this unimaginable
sweetness that is present
even in the hardest of times.
This isn’t about some
state that is away from
chaos or sorrow.
It exists right along side
with all that makes cry.

You will have to pause
to find it. You will find
that it is already, right, here.
Step out of what you know
and into the dangerous
territory – you might just like
being ‘out here’ with the
rest of us rebels. It’s
downright exciting to think
of things like – that our
brain is not limited at all,
or that our heart can keep
opening or that the moon
is expanding and contracting
like a metronome for our
holy paradise home. Earth.
I speak to earth, as one might
coo to a child…try it…earth…
Speaking of which…

Ancients say a Great Architect
spoke all of this creation
right out of her mouth.
We are living in her
continuous song, we who
have the ears to hear,
let us hear.

Be insatiably curious
and you will become
the friend of God, poets,
mystics, revolutionaries
and physicists who know this:

This life is not just about
what you know
and how you apply it,
and what it measures out to.
We live between two worlds
and if you can keep one
foot in each, you can dance
to the most luminous of songs.
And yes, even find some
happiness. Now that is radical.
That is living like you are living
instead of living like you are dying.

Listen, none of this is about
keeping up or getting it right
although the over-culture likes
to keep us wrapped up in that
errant consumer driven thought.
We are cultivating our own cultures
that are forming around things
that make us giggle and lead to
evenings filled with utter enthrallment
and even, Awe.

If you aren’t slightly afraid,
you aren’t listening. I don’t mean
afraid as in fear, I mean,
WOW what could I become.


Who might I be that I am not


I really DO have something to say.
Or your own variation of
the wake up moment sentence.
You cannot earn this
or grow this or deserve this
or work your mojo manifestation
on this. This is about a great
improbability with extreme
potentiality: Grace.
Grace is freely given.
And it is our choice to participate in it.
It is always and ever, here.
You are not separate from
this, or me, or the Beloved.

This is about being willing
to drop to your knees in
praise and gratitude
at the awareness that any
of this exists in the first place.
The willingness to accept
that you have relevance
in the unfolding of the
Great Mystery. I don’t cling
to many truths with a capital
but I do know this:
You are relevant to this.
Whatever this is, you have
a part in it and that is why
you are here.

And, I like being here, with you.

Shiloh Sophia

So, what did the poet say
to the physicist?

Let’s leap.



 A gentle step can be a quantum leap,
you just have to take it from the highest place within you.
~ Jazz Rasool