Awakened Woman Downloadable Class with Amy Ahlers & Shiloh Sophia

Awakened Woman

Awakened Woman – A Breakthrough Process for Uncovering Your Truth
A Downloadable Class With Shiloh Sophia and Amy Ahlers

You are invited to an Intentional Creativity Journey with two women teachers who are dedicated to YOU having a breakthrough. There is no experience necessary – only a desire to let go of the lies that have been holding you back and the bravery to RISK putting paint to canvas even when you don’t know what will emerge or what truths will begin to be revealed. Will you dare to live life awake? We dare you.

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Only $47 for an experience that for many is truly life changing.
Close to100 women have already participated in this experience. Now it is your turn.,

Fully Downloadable Course! As soon as you register painting materials will be mailed to you and you will be invited to our private classroom, The Red Thread Cafe so that you can share your work, receive support and insight and see what women truth seekers are up to.

Together in the Awakened Woman class we will…

  • DISCOVER those BIG LIES that are holding you back from who you KNOW you are.
  • Access the hidden unconscious self through intentional creativity.
  • Practice acceptance and forgiveness for your path so far, and invite a new way of being.
  • You will PAINT AN ICON of YOUR Newly Revealed TRUTH
  • CONNECT with a feminine image that represents and holds the energy for your freedom.
  • EXPERIENCE yourself as a liberated, free, loving being, ready to create the life she longs for.

Shiloh Sophia and Amy AhlersDear Amazing Being,

We are SOOOO excited to share this experience with you in wild abandon, self expression, truth telling mojo and most likely lots of giggles with us girls.

This is a class, a journey about YOU. YOU. YOU and your life and your own personal truth.

Often, whether we know it or not, underneath the surface of your filled-to-the brim life lies a story that has been holding you back.

A crack in the foundation of you how you live your life that has been petitioning for you to repair it. We will repair it together!

Perhaps this story is of not being enough, or being too much. Or maybe it’s about being unlovable or a fraud. (We hear you) Or maybe it’s about not belonging or that it’s just too late for you. Whatever that core foundational story is, we know, and you know it is a lie.

We have created a class, a breakthrough process just for you. A journey to uncover the truth. And ya, it is a deep topic for ALL of us – but we are going to have FUN through it. Just watch the videos and you will see that we are deep girls, but girls who also want to have a good time while we are working through the shadow stuff that all of us have to face.

We have shared a Breakthrough Process designed by Ms. Amy to get to the BOTTOM of it and a Painting Process that invites you to paint YOUR Awakened Woman self. Don’t worry if you don’t have painting experience, join thousands of women who have been able to paint with no previous experience. As soon as you sign up you will be invited to our private group where you can connect with the other women who will be painting with you!

Since this class is downloadable, you can do it a your own pace in the company of your own home, but if youIMG_8651 want to share where you are and get support, come on over to the Red Thread Cafe where lots of women just like you are painting through their breakthroughs and finding courage, and encouragement.

Truth is ready to come forth. It has been waiting for you to see it and own it like never before… do you feel it? We do, that is why we do the work we do in the world. Because we have experienced this first hand, and how much a false story of who you are will hold you back from your dreams for your life. We truly hope you enjoy this class, Awakened Woman. We had a BLAST creating it for you…

Signed in joy and giggles,

Shiloh Sophia and Amy Ahlers


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$47 for the Fully Downloadable Course. This is a deal for what you have in store for you. You won’t believe the POWER in this process.

Complete on your own schedule and when you can, at your own pace. The course is yours to keep. What have you got to lose – haven’t you waited long enough for the truth?

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In this incredible class you get to experience first hand the mojo of the Wake Up Call coach herself, Amy Ahlers, and catalytic Visionary Artist Shiloh Sophia to discover your hidden truth. Will you carve out time for yourself, and discovering your truths, dedicated to working with the ways your story has been holding you back.

IMG_8639More often than not we tell ourselves big fat lies about who we are and then we make decisions from a false place. What if you could make decisions from a place of INFORMED TRUTH. YOURS.

Deep within, there is an inner wisdom that will speak to you like no other. She who will uncover your truths within you. And you will learn to listen to her through an intuitive painting process.

In Awakened Woman, we guide you in a step by step process breakthrough process to:

  • Identify and expose your biggest foundational lie
  • Experience the Intentional Creativity Movement through writing your Intention on the canvas.
  • Work with Shiloh Sophia’s Color of Woman Method – a step by step painting process.
  • See the truth of how you’ve been playing this story out and change it
  • Discover the voice of your inner wisdom, your truth telling Muse in all her glory
  • Reveal your own hidden truths so that they hide no more.This breakthrough process from Amy Ahlers will be coupled with the Intentional Creativity teachings of Shiloh Sophia
  • Experience Visionary Imagination to access a powerful internal voice and image of your Awakened Woman within.
  • Paint color-filled icon on canvas of this inner wisdom based messenger muse of truth!

This process is designed to lead you to get to the heart of your inner truth so that every area of your life that your truth touches can be viewed in a new light – eyes open. Awake. Transformed.

Yes you can do this. No painting experience needed. Really, we mean it.

It’s time to heal the story, release the shame, feel your truth and own your power. This inner work takes ‘work’ so we will do the work together. There will be a community of over 100 women in our cosmic classroom called the Red Thread Cafe working alongside you on this day, and for the next few weeks following the class. So if you cannot join us live there will still be a community of support to guide you. You will be invited, and yes it is optional, to share your process, experience and painting journey through photos and chatting in our classroom.

Here’s what women had to say about the Awakened Woman Process

IMG_8658~This is an awakening for me to let go of my insecurity and lies that were hidden within my soul thank you Amy and Shiloh. Bonnie P.

~The Awakened Woman class was very powerful for me! I got in touch with the lies I’ve been telling myself. It was very empowering to transform those lies into truths with the guidance of Shiloh and Amy. The Awakened woman that I painted gave me a container and a process to access and explore the truth about myself. Sometimes it’s harder to claim the truth about about ourselves because we see just how powerful we truly are! Jodi A.
Wendy Pic

~With Shiloh and Amy guiding each step, I identified lies I constantly (unconsciously) tell myself and then came face to face with my biggest lie and fear. I am not done with my painting yet, but I came away from the session with a tool I use when I catch myself falling into my big ol’ lie trap. It takes courage, but it is a liberating experience to face the Truth of a bad habit and then be given a way to experience life in a beautiful, new way. Thank you Shiloh and Amy! Wendy W.

Carole Pic

~This live stream Awakened Woman with Shiloh and Amy was so powerful as they guided every step in being able to access the lies we tell ourselves and then moving beyond them! I was so inspired that I taught my first day workshop, as a Graduate from Shiloh’s COW ’13, with 3 women painting their Awakened Woman, and they were Amazed at their paintings and their experience of transformation! Carole T.

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If you are ready to wake up to the beauty of you and face the truth with eyes open.
Join us. This was created for you, with great love, unstoppable enthusiasm and hopeful hearts.

NOTE: This was recorded during a LIVESTREAM and as such has the power and energy of being recorded live.

Awakened Woman Graphic 5

A basic materials list will land in your inbox as soon as you register. A more detailed materials list will be e-mailed to you when you register. And yes, you might want some glitter.


Amy Ahlers

Amy Ahlers, the Wake-Up Call Coach and bestselling author, is on a mission to wake up the sacred in your everyday life. Since 2000, she has been an International Certified Success Coach, the CEO of Wake-Up Call Coaching and co-founder of Inner Mean Girl Reform School with Christine Arylo, Visionary Ignition Switch with Lissa Rankin and Find Your Calling with Lissa Rankin and Martha Beck.

Amy has been a featured expert on lots of TV & radio shows, and for media outlets like The Washington Post and The Huffington Post. She loves lighting up the stage at events where she wakes people up to the voice of their Inner Wisdom and helps them cultivate the courage to act on it. Her first book, Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves: Ditch your Inner Critic and Wake Up Your Inner Superstar (New World Library, 2011), shot up to #1 in several categories on Amazon, including Self-Help, Happiness and Self-Esteem. You can find her on Facebook and Twitter, inspiring women to STOP being so hard on themselves.

A 2010 recipient of the Women Who Dare Award from Girls Inc., she holds a BA from the University of California, earned the CPCC designation from The Coaches Training Institute and is a Master Coach Equivalent. Amy is known best for her unconditional love, relentless enthusiasm, and kick ass truth telling. When not working, you’ll find Amy in the San Francisco Bay Area holding hands with her husband, Rob, as they run after their firecracker of a daughter, Annabella, and rescue mutt, Rocky Blue.

Shiloh SophiaShiloh Sophia lives live as a great adventure! She chooses to live from unreasonable love, ceaseless acts of creativity and to serve the world through revolutionary education. As a visionary artist and teacher she has dedicated the past twenty years of her to life art as a path of healing through painting, writing and teaching intentional creativity. Through her art galleries, representing hundreds of women artists internationally, she has brought the work of exploring the feminine archetype into a methodology of personal transformation. At the core of her work is a belief that the right to self express is one of the most basic human rights – having access to what we think, feel, know, believe and want to create in our lives.

She is the founder of global transformational educational establishments that meet online and in person including “Cosmic Cowgirls University”, a woman and girl owned school and publishing house, “Color of Woman”, a Teacher Training Certification Program and “The Red Thread Nation”, A Global Tribe of Creative beings.

Shiloh is a published author of many books on creative expression, business as a visionary path and a book of poetry. Her classroom, as well as her art gallery featuring Contemporary Symbolist paintings is located in Healdsburg, California. You will find her most nights in her studio having tea with the Midnight Muse and painting by the light of the moon.