A Conversation with my Priest, about the Mother of God

It is Theophany today – a Blessing of the Waters and I am on my way to church with my empty vessel. I thought I would share this conversation I had with my Beloved Priest – Father Lawrence that we created for the Red Madonna – it talks directly about the Red Thread and Our Lady.

On another note, did you know that in the Orthodox Church, Priests are married and have children, when the churches split, many changes happend, and I love it that our Priests are family men. One of the things I love about this tradition, which is from my Russian roots on my father’s side is that they never took the Mother of God off the Altar, she is still front and center on her throne with her baby God.

While most of spiritual traditions I have attended, fall short of the FULLNESS of what I feel I need as a spiritual being – I still feel a need to belong to a spiritual body of Christ – and one that honors both the feminine and the mystery. When I am here, my heart soars and my mind opens and I am free to speak directly to Our Lady in a very open manner which is often discouraged in other traditions.

And so – we each find our own way. Today I wanted to share this with you since this man has been one of my great and patient teachers over the past six years.

~ Maestra Shiloh Sophia