Painting Our Lady – Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe


Do you long for a deeper connection to the feminine?
Do you feel drawn towards Our Lady of Guadalupe even if you’re sure why?
Is there a healing you are wanting to spend time tending, exploring, calling in?

Do you feel a need to re-invent your own story, to step out of the over-culture of stories into your own legend?

Recorded on December 12, 2013
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VirginGuadalupeThis is “devotional painting”, a spiritual practice of connecting with the Divine through intentional creativity.

Join over 100 women on December 12 for Our Lady – a livestreaming Painting + Prayer + Ritual + Personal Legend day with Shiloh Sophia live from Cosmic Cowgirls.

You can join us Live and paint along or watch for two weeks online to create your own Our Lady Painting.

Join us for a day of Celebrating Our Lady of Guadalupe. Every year I create a ritual and event honoring her because of my own deep personal connection to her. And of course, I invite you to join me. I am particularly excited this year as it is going to be translated into Spanish by my very dear friend and Project Manager for Red Madonna for over two year, Henry Castro.

December 12 is Her feast day and we will each paint our own interpretation of her as it relates to OUR personal legend of overcoming, healing,and making ourselves available to the Divine.

I hope you will join us for this celebration! I TRULY love painting her image, she is one of the most painted images in the world and on her Feast Day there are more people honoring a feminine image of the Divine than any other day in the calendar year.

She asks Juan Diego – “Am I not your mother?” And she asks us the same question. We are deeply in need of a healing mother in our lives, and she is available to us for just that.

Since walking with her my entire life has been transformed – being a Christian was not complete for me without her presence in my life, she literally changed everything. I called to her, and she came. And she has never left and that was over twenty years ago. Annually I renew my commitment to her, and to remembering her.

Shiloh Sophia

Details: There is no painting experience needed, we will use acrylic paint and you will want a big canvas. I will be using a 3×4 feet. The night before you will want to set up your altar to her. There is an example of an Altar from last year’s in person gathering. You can watch online for two weeks if you cannot join us live. So if you register and know you cannot come live – make a date in your calendar to paint her!

“A great wonder appeared in heaven, a woman clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet and upon her head a crown of 12 stars.” ~ Revelation 12

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This video was the introduction to last year’s Lady painting process.

photo“Her visits are not rare,” writes Estes. “They are common. No mother withholds herself from her children who cry out in need for her. A mother does not only aid ‘perfected’ children. Quite the contrary, she abides with those who stumble, bumble and suffer….This I can assure you from experience: no matter how deep an exile you have been forced to, no matter what the wound, no matter what disheveled condition your soul is in, no matter what you have done or not done.Call and she will be there, as you best can comprehend her.”
Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes in Untie the Strong Woman