Chief Soul Fire spoke to me of fear. This is what she said.

Chief Soul Fire spoke to me of fear. This is what she said.

Dear One,


Why do you always strive to prevent future hardship?

You don’t know at all what will happen. You try to make wise choices
but if they are based on future fears they are colored by doubt.

Doubt makes for a diminished capacity and makes potential harder to see.

If you go where your vitality is, then at least you will live like you are living.


Neither safety or risk will save you any trouble,

however, small-minded safety has assuredly less potential pleasure in store.

Safety is illusive as you well know. Adventures holds more joy.

Things are not going to go well for you just because you are a good person.

Or a bad person. There is so much less control that you like to imagine

that you have. Or that your destiny has in store for you.
What actually happens in the world will happen with our without you.

But it is better if it happens with your participation instead of your fear.


We all wish that good things happened to good people
and the bad ones would be woken up by all the good ones.

That would be nice, wouldn’t it, if good things happened to good people.

It does, more often, of course, but not all the time.

Then when something bad happens you wonder what you did wrong.

This is not correct thinking, but we won’t go into that just now.

That is a conversation for another day.

What you can do dear one, is to stop trying to save yourself

by choosing the less scary option and staying inside the proverbial lines.

You can also surround yourself with others who lift you up

instead of hold you back with their fears, this happens a lot.

Scarcity is cruel lens that ruins countless visions that could be seen together.


Here’s what you can do.

You can extend yourself in unreasonable acts of love
and move from ridiculous faith in the unseen world.


You will find more support from the invisible world of the Divine

than you ever imagined possible. Miracles happen all the time.
That kind of support shows up when you leap with no net.

You cannot see it before you leap, it is only visible during flight.

This kind of trust isn’t based on your past experiences or future predictions.

This isn’t the kind that you earn, this kind shows up more like grace.

When it goes good, give thanks. When it is not so good, give thanks,

but by all means stay out of blame. And shame. Those ones are no good.


The future is uncertain terrain that no one can save you from.

You have seen the way the world is going, and I know it hurts.

Hurts to see the harm unfolding and accepted before your eyes.

Hurts to feel the planet shifting faster than we can save it from harm.


And still. The great wheel turns and turns.

What part of the great turning will you be a part of?

The answer to that question is the one to seek with your whole self.

What is yours to do, not yesterday that you didn’t, or tomorrow that you should.

But today.


What is calling from within you to be expressed?

Go there. Remember, it won’t feel safe to go there most of the time.

Extend yourself into the distances you cannot see.

Move in Love as you spread tired wings with new hope.

Yes I know it may be unreasonable to hope.

Hope anyway. The world needs your hope, but most of all, you need

to feel what hope feels like in your body.

Your heart needs you to love in this wildly outrageous way

so that it can keep opening up instead of shutting down.


Then you will know which way to turn.

Turn towards that which brings you aliveness.



Good Morning!

I am on way to church with my sweetie but this wanted to be shared.

This painting was was created using the Color of Woman Method, and as part of the process, you ask the painting to speak to you – to write you a note and to tell you here name. This is what she said to me yesterday and so I am sharing it with you today. Her name is Chief Soul Fire, she is one of my Archetypes that I work with.

She had more to say than this, but this is a lot to think about as it is.


Blessings on your day,


Shiloh Sophia

The Red Thread Cafe