Red Thread Letter for November

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The place that hurts is the place where the answers are. And if not answers, truths. And if not truths – questions that lead us further along the path….

Our Lady sings a lullaby

Our Lady sings a lullaby

to the endangered species
and to certain kinds of lost hope.

she sits beside open graves.
Ancestors pass by, clicking in tongues of lost languages.
I cannot help but think of Her.
Our Mother with wrinkled brow
wondering about all the goodness
that went into feather, fin & fur.
And how we could really miss
what is happening here. Or
how we could allow it…
It is good to acknowledge
grief and possibility side by side.

I hoped a real song would come, as I heard their names in my mind and heart as I painted. It didn’t come to me, but the woman who purchased the painting that day is a singer and I imagine the Lullaby itself will come through her.

I painted this after attending the concert produced by Jennifer Berezan, Song for all Beings, where my dear friend Luisah Teish read the the list of endangered species. Who wouldn’t wake up hearing that list of sorrows?

May we be given the strength
to dream new story while
still in the middle of the ones
we are in.

As I continue on in this cycle of time I am of course STRUCK daily by the beauty and tragedy. This morning I read about a man who regularly made a trip across a certain stretch of ocean that would take several weeks – he had done it many times before and was accompanied by birds, and many fish. This time. No bird sounds. None. And no fish to catch. My question to myself and to all is.

HOW DO WE STAY AWAKE and in GRACE when the suffering is so very present and intense. My personal answer is to create with intention and to share that experience with other women and men on the path of creativity. This is first – as it is a connecting to source, a prayer, a way to stay strong in the midst of strong winds. And from that tender place that creativity brings, a strengthening happens that gives us the courage to act. This painting was my prayer, my way to process the information coming through – and to connect whole soul with the reality of who we are being as a people.
The offerings at Shiloh Sophia Studios and Cosmic Cowgirls are the expression of our gifts – the way we stay connected with our community – we tug on that red thread.

~with love and honey from the Red Thread Cafe

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Here is what is being spoken, shared, painted and prepared for those of you called to the work intentional creativity in this new moon dark nesting cycle of Wintering. May your nights be warm and your hearts be held.

When we say yes to ourselves, the Feasting begins – a way to enjoy life right as it is in the midst of all the challenges, there is this beauty that enters. And a call to create.
This is what has been called forth from me and the women I work with for this cycle. Hope to create with you soon. ~ Shiloh


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