A Winter Blessing and How to Write A Simple Poem from Between the Worlds

IMG_8530A Winter Blessing

Blessings upon your hope for your today.
Blessings upon your healing of your yesterdays.
Blessings upon your continued dreams for your future.
Blessings upon the Loved ones you have today.
Blessings upon your ancestors who made the way.
Blessings upon you and yours for the next seven generations.
So that your light continues to shine in the darkness.
So that you may show us the beauty within your soul.
So that our world might be made brighter because you are.
May you be kept warm in the arms of Love.
May your Harvest grant you a season of rest and renewal.
May you remember the goodness that you are.

~ ~ ~
Photo 90Blessings on this cycle of the thinning of the veils.
Halloween, Samhain, All Souls, Dia de las Muertos
and may the celebrations continue in beauty and remembrance as we descend
into the darker half of our cycle of the year. To nest. To harvest.
To rest. And yes. Just to remember and renew in the blessed
great deep. I also send you warmth for your Winter nights.

shiloh sophia

Photo of Roses in Hand by Jonathan Lewis

How to Write A Simple Poem from Between the Veils
A Cup of Coffee or Tea or Whiskey is Suggested as well as at least 15 minutes.

You can do this on a piece of paper hand written or on your cosmic typewriter.

1. OPENING: Connect with your heart and bring to mind those you love – first, the ones you know. Then the ones you don’t know in the world, that you care about.

2. IMAGINATION: Pretend they are sitting across from you – near enough to feel their breath, and smell their scent. Continue the sensation of heart opening. See them. Feel them. For real. If you are writing online in a blog or on social media, write right into the windows instead of a word program so you can feel the connective tissue of the woven threads of the web.

3. VISION: See the veils parting to let you ‘into’ the realm where poetry lives – a place of language, of fairies, of mystery. Believe that you have access to this sacred place – that is yours – that is always available in the mystery when you choose to show up for it. And in humbleness, ask for entrance as it is a gift to partake.

4. EMOTION: Feeling the fullness of the moment – ask for and then pull 9 words – a combination of nouns and verbs, OR images from the ethers and write them down. You might have to pluck them from the stars or from deep of the sea but they are right there…..just there between the veils…you might consider a bow or hands in prayer or some gesture with your body that is a position of surrender, and acknowledgement.

5. CONNECT: Pretend like you are now writing ‘THEM’, those that you love, a letter using those 9 words. Choose one word per line so that it is 9 lines long. Consider groups of 3 lines for short stanzas and the sentences need to not wrap but be completed by the end of the line. Is there a particular intention or theme? Is there a style – like A Blessing, a prayer, a rant, a song…the key is the connection with THEM and your question of how can this be a blessing for THEM. Because it is a blessing for them, it is also a blessing for YOU in the process. It is the energy of THEM however that often grants veil access since you are not seeking for yourself.

6. TRUST: Don’t worry that it isn’t world shakingly brilliant. It is of the moment, a cosmic greeting card of that space and time from your heart to the heart of the world. Write straight through. Sip coffee. Write. Feel. Write. Sip. Experiment and keep the connectivity of being in the in between.

7. TENDING: Take time now to refine and edit the lines. Don’t take the rawness out of the words or the quirkiness. Ask each line if is it complete before you finish – does it want commas? A period at the end? A dot…dot…dot…Choose a consistent pattern, and will it be centered or justified? This one is about style and tending. And breathing and giggling can help. Good poems, brilliant poems and bad poems are all done in this same mysterious manner.

8. Read it out loud to yourself 2 times and continue to make a few adjustments. Read it a third time, pretend you are reading it to ‘THEM’ – as if they can hear you. Any more change? They can. Somehow, they can. Print it out and put it up in your home and on your altar. Sign and date it.

9. Share it far and wide and close and near. Is there an image that wants to go with it? Celebrate your creative being-ness. Give thanks for the between the world gift of the mystery for revealing a bit of magic to you this day.

Blessed Be Creative Being-ness from the Red Thread Cafe