Maintaining the sacred in a digital world – our devices are instruments

734393_10151949589444522_154070720_nHow do you maintain a sense of the sacred in a digital world?

Begin the day with connection to your Source before any connection with machines. When you are ready, choose to engage your phone or computer with an offering, a blessing, a sense of something good before going to text or email. Write a love note text – even to someone in your own home. Take a photo of the morning mist. With your Facebook, choose to make an offering of image or poetry before ‘liking’ or answering messages. And by all means, light some candles. Get your coffee or tea by your side and write or draw from within.

The Art Doctor recommends a minimum of 15 minutes of creative time before you even ‘check’ your work ‘stuff’. It can wait until you have had time to connect with you. You are also literally ‘tuning’ your devices to respond to your peaceful mind instead of your frantic mind. The computer and phone are instruments. We ‘play’ them. How will we play them and invite them to serve the song we are singing? We do not serve them, as quiet as it is kept – they are here as tools for us. This comes from choosing how we relate to them, and to the rest of our media lives. Blessings upon your day in this swiftly dancing world ~ Shiloh Sophia