supple me

Photo 70supple me

there is a stream of life.
living water that continually flows
a river beneath the river of the sea

a place of grace, given freely.
access to this is not about deserving
earning or grasping or striving.

this river runs from the Almighty Source
available to all who choose to enter into it
but will we? do we know who we are?

will we make ourselves available
to this neverending flow of goodness
that gives even and especially in sorrow?

will we allow ourselves to be open enough
to unloose our sandals and robes and with bare feet
and naked heart enter the offering?

will we wash ourselves and allow
the stains of our hearts to be released
and purified in this living place?

clearing our souls isn’t about feeling badly
or accepting shame or guilt or old time religion.
this is about letting light in.

this is about believing
that there is a Source from which we come
and going there for nourishment.

will we continue to believe that we
have to do it all ourselves
that we are Source of Source?

will we allow ourselves
to be supple? to enter in?
to allow grace to wash us?

the One who made us
and made all that there is
has offered a stream of renewal.

I thirst for this water.
For this fountain of forgiveness.
cause a revival in my soul.

make me supple to receive
wash me with possibility
be my strength. flow through me.

supple me.

shiloh sophia
October 26
Albion, California

Anyone who believes in me may come and drink!
Rivers of living water will flow from their heart.

~ Jesus

Dear Ones

My heart is heavy and light. I have been working much with women who are tired, not feeling well and are overwhelmed. Regardless of their faith I find myself asking them – where you are going to get your connection to Source? Are you feeling like you have to do all of it? I keep asking all I encounter to enter this stream….I tried to write as beautiful as it feels in my heart but it just feels like words weigh it down. It is a sensation.

My heart is heavy because today I celebrate a great woman and friend – Linda Reuther, Founder of Hearts and Hands in Mendocino.  I woke with the the thought – why are our great healers and hearts dieing of illness? Sigh.

I enter the river. And am nourished. Any one who needs prayers today – I am praying for you too. This thought of being supple came to me a few weeks ago at church when I realized if I was not allowing myself to be supple – then….how could that living water flow in me?

Shiloh Sophia