Show up in the shimmering…


Consider that there is a thought

that you haven’t thought of before.

Consider that you have access to

material that lives within you

that you didn’t know you had access to.

Consider there is a great abundance

open to you all the time

that you have yet to even discover and explore.

Consider there is an elegance in your inner language

your mouth has yet to form words around.

Consider there is a soul calligraphy inside

that is longing for a brush to stroke with tenderness.

Begin to wonder, what if you are not

who you think you are. This could feel like a relief.

Begin to wonder what parts of you

might become available if you

if you honored yourself with creative acts.

Who you are not being? What are you not seeing?

What is the story in you that is tired of being told

the old way and wants to be transformed into a legend?

When you have a connection

to the you that is you

the whole world appears

and occurs differently doesn’t it?

Yes it does.

Let’s spend time in that place

where the worlds meet

and we become more

of who we truly are

simply through our willingness to

show up in the shimmering.

Shiloh Sophia

Photo 65