The Harvest Queen – Downloadable Painting Class

Harvest QueenDownloadable Painting Class with Shiloh Sophia and Christine Arylo

Cosmic Cowgirls University and The Red Thread Cafe

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Presents: Harvest Queen: A Painting Journey into Self Love

with Shiloh Sophia and special guest Teacher, The Queen of Self Love, Christine Arylo

photoDear Ones, I am very excited to share the Harvest Queen with you. I don’t know about where you are but around here the first leaves are falling and the vineyards are full of juicy fruit getting ready to be picked. This time has this sense of flowing over, of more than enough, and of celebration. When I asked what it was time to paint about next, the Harvest came into mind and I saw an image of Queen, with flowers and fruit on her head – and I was like, ok we are going to paint the Harvest Queen!

This time is so good for looking at the year up to this point and considering what we want to harvest for the rest of the year leading up to 2014.

I am working with my dear friend Christine Arylo and this Queen Archetype keeps calling both of us to be explored. I invited her to join me for this Stream/Class, and asked her to tell me what she thought about how Self Love and the Harvest Queen could weave together to create an empowering celebrational day.

Here are a few of the things Christine shared with me:

The Harvest Queen is sovereign. She knows she can create her own abundance. She is SELF EMPOWERED. I love the CHOICE about how we enter into the Harvest – choosing to really look at what is there to harvest and to RECEIVE it fully. Fall Equinox is a time that is all about preparing to receive the bounty and abundance of all the effort and energy that you have put into your life. It is the time of harvest, but what is it that you really want to harvest?”

I love having friends like Christine that often speak the same language that I do, but that also have different perspectives. I asked her if she would be willing to weave her Self Love Teachings as taught in her recent best-selling book, Madly in Love with Me, with the painting process we have been working with in our Red Thread Cafe live streaming classes the past few months. She said yes!

Together we have created for you a very guided step by step painting and self exploration journey. This class is filled with energy, friendship and dynamic insights.


Sacred Dream - $47

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In our class together you will:

  • Journey to meet your Harvest Queen, she who is self empowered within you.
  • Paint a full color painting of YOU as Harvest Queen with the colors and symbols she wants you to work with this Fall.
  • Create an altar dedicated to creating a space for you to receive the Harvest in your life that you desire.
  • Work together in community to ‘call in’ your Harvest, getting ready to receive.
  • Explore limiting thoughts you might have regarding opening to your bounty.
  • Share our discoveries with each other in community and receive love, support and encouragement.

HOW DOES THAT SOUND? I am getting really excited just writing to you about it.
We have woven the theme of the Harvest with Self Love ala The Queen of Self Love.

We will delve into three of your branches of self-love
to make sure what you harvest is what you really desire:

* Self Empowerment – what does your heart and soul desire, and is your
life and sacred work aligned to deliver that to you?
* Self Care – what do you really need to take care of you, and how can
you ensure you stay full while you serve others?
* Self Pleasure – What brings you joy, and how can you create an abundance of joy?

So, together, let’s dig into the deepest roots of self-love – your self-worth — and see where you could be short-changing your harvest this year.

Invoke the Harvest Queen, uproot limiting beliefs and toxic habits that can ruin your crop, and replace the soil with self-love miracle grow!

Re-balance your self-worth equation as a Queen does, you both Give and Receive, ensuring your storehouses stay full.

Once you register you will begin to receive communications from us about materials, class links and passwords, and information about joining our group classroom on fb and how to build your altar.

I look SO forward to seeing your paintings. What a perfect way to spend a day, honoring the feminine within each woman, the Queen within.

Signed in sunflowers, Shiloh Sophia


Here is a little bit more about my friend Christine Arylo:

Christine Arylo, m.b.a, best-selling author and speaker, is an inspirational catalyst who teaches women how to stop running themselves ragged, putting themselves last, and chasing after the impossible dream of ‘having it all,’ so they can create lives and work they actually love. A self-admitted recovering achievement and doing addict herself, Arylo is a sought out media expert on the challenges this generation of super girls and super women face, having appeared on E!, CBS, ABC, FOX, Huffington Post, and radio shows, spas, conferences and stages around the world. The author of the go-to book on love & relationships, Choosing ME before WE, and the paradigm shifting book on self-love, Madly in Love with ME, the Daring Adventure to Becoming Your Own Best Friend, Arylo is the founder of an international movement dedicated to making self-love a tangible reality for women and girls around the world, including the international day of self-love on February 13th as well as the founder of a virtual self-love school for women, Inner Mean Girl Reform School. She is affectionately known as “The Queen of Self Love” for her dedication and breakthrough teachings on self-love. to Get your free Self Love Kit at