The Honey Jar: August 16

The Honey Jar

The Honey Jar
Wet, Wild and Wise Painting Journey with Shiloh Sophia on August 16, 2013 11-6pst
Opening to the Sweet Wild Self Through working large, loose, bright and wet with paint
Livestream Painting Class and Download live from Cosmic Cowgirls University

Register Here for $47 – after the class it will be $97

The Honey Jar is right for you if…

  • If you are feeling blocked, pent up, tired and are looking for a way to release that tension
  • If you the ingredients in this letter strike your fancy or light your sacred fire
  • If you know there is oh-so-much more of you that want to be expressed but are scared to share it with others, or even with yourself.
  • Your life is fantastic and you want to spend a day dedicated to self expression
  • You want to discover that hidden wild sweetness within you

Releasing the Wild Self from the Honey Jar

Dear One,

Within each of us lives a wild, sweet, wise and wonderful self.

On August 16 we are going to let her come out and play with us. She is sometimes called the inner self, your guidance system, or the Muse. Once you make contact with her in a very real way through intentional creativity, watch out, because worlds shift. I mean, really shift, because you begin to interact with a part of yourself that may have been hidden for a long time. Is it high time to let out the wild one?

She has something to say to you – but often we don’t know how to really listen to her messages. Well…on August 16 we will be listening for her messages through our canvases and our bodies. There is profoundly deep inner wisdom that can come through when you say yes to this kind of sacred work through intentionally creating in FORM that which is happening on the internal realm.

“Be wild; that is how to clear the river. The river does not flow in polluted, we manage that. The river does not dry up, we block it. If we want to allow it its freedom, we have to allow our ideational lives to be let loose, to stream, letting anything come, initially censoring nothing. That is creative life. It is made up of divine paradox.” – Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Giving up ‘getting it right’

So often we are hung up in our ‘getting it right’ perfectionist mode, trying to please others or to satisfy our own hunger for being right or being good. As you well know, this can be tyrannical. Painting and the creative process is a way to FREE yourself up – to literally release pent up tension in your body. When we paint big and bold and bright, even if it does scare us, something within us gets dislodged.

I always tell my students, if you are not feeling fear in my class, you aren’t listening.IMG_5197
Because this is deep work and should take you to your edge. The edge of the honey jar so you can spill it all out and taste the goodness held within you. The painting alone is edge-walking but if you add intention behind it and unreasonable soul searching well then, it gets wild.

Even if you have never painted before, this is for you if you feel like you just want to ‘SURRENDER’ and yourself up. When we are too tight, and holding ourselves captive, the capacity for our ideas to flow is closed off. And not only that, all of this affects something very important, our sensuality.

Are you one of the ‘sensitive’ ones?

Sensuality – what comes up for you when I say that word? Do you think of sex, common sense, or the body or ‘being sensitive’? Perhaps you are one of those, like myself, who feels too much and instead of wanting to open wider you are trying to establish more filters to protect yourself. But you know that the same barriers you put up to protect yourself also keep the pleasure at bay. For me what comes up in my soul vocabulary when I connect with sensuality is: Connected with all of my senses, sight, sound, scent, touch, taste, intuition, emotion, creation – that I am choosing to engaged sensually with my environment and myself and those who I interact with.

Let’s get dangerous. You willing?

This experience is designed to OPEN you up through creating LARGE  brush strokes with lots of water and bright colors to open your senses. Yes I want you to have a BIG canvas and a jar of honey for your experience!  When I decided to call it wet, I knew it would have a bit of ‘sexy’ edge, and I like that too, but I really do mean wet as in lots of water. Painting can be very sensual and making love during or after is an altered experience because you are often in a heightened state. If you feel even more afraid imaging a big white canvas, work with me right now to turn that into excitement – just think of it – a whole day dedicated to your sweet wild (and wet) self. Did you do it? I mean it, let the fear turn into excitement.

The Honey Jar

The jar is the metaphor for what you keep held inside, hidden and not able to be really seen or exposed. Inside of there is tons of sweetness, tanginess and wild being-ness and through this process our hope  is release some of that fragrant, sticky, lovely, sensuous, wild quirky self within

I am about to take a whole 24 hours dedicated to creativity starting now – it is a practice we are doing this month in Cosmic Cowgirls – want to join me from sun up to sun down or you could do it next week for the class! Whatever you are doing, sending you a genuine toothy grin.

In sweetness,

Shiloh Sophia


Here’s a few of your questions answered!

How does it work?

Live-Stream is a miracle technology. I come to you LIVE over the computer like magic. You get your materials and build your altar. You watch and create in between the breaks we take. Step by step I lead you on a journey to releasing the Honey from the jar using painting and Intentional Creativity combined with Visionary Imagination. And even though you are in the comfort of your own home, cosmically, you are not alone. We are in this together.

You join our students-only Facebook group called the Red Thread Café where all of our circle will be posting their progress and being in community together. (Only post if you want to 🙂

What if I cannot come to the “Live” part?

We will keep the classroom up of the Livestream for one week and you can continue to post and paint. A week or so later we will send you all of those same videos for you to download and keep, you have 30 days to download. The Red Thread Café is our on-going artist gathering place so once you join one stream your membership is free and you can continue to share your creations even if you paint months later.

What if I can only be there part of the day?

Come anyway! Feel the energy of the group. You can come in and out to peak on us and say hi if you cannot join us for the day. It is actually crazy exciting to see what is being created moment by moment – like watching cosmic TV where gorgeous inspired images just appear like magic on the screen before your every eyes!

What if I have never painted before?

Great! This class is for absolute beginners and you can always go back and watch them again. I do move quickly and take breaks for you to do the step so it will require you to release attachment and enjoy the process.

What if I am an experienced painter or have already taken your classes?

These Red Thread Cafes are just as much about process as they are about the painting itself. In fact, the painting itself is second in a way to the emotional spiritual insights that are possible through this work. So bring your desire for transformation and see what wants to show up!

Get your Materials Set up Click here to get your materials List.  Mostly you need a canvas (yes a big one) and acrylic paint, but there are a few other items I want you to have. I want you to have a BIG canvas  – as big as you dare, it is actually easier than smaller, so bigger than 24X24!

Build Your Wild Self Altar

Choose a space for a new altar. Clear it all off and clean it lovingly and sit with it, empty for a few minutes. I invite you to set up your altar the night before (those of you in the live-stream will do this on Thursday night). Next you will need your jar of honey, a candle, matches, paper and a pen. And some soil. Some dirt from the yard or mountain or flower pot to just represent that wild nature. To get the altar instructions, you need to sign up!

Release the wild sweet self from her jar…