Cantos 19 – Magdalena’s Water


In Amazement at the Magdalene in Paris at L’église de la Madeleine – photo by Jonathan (see how tiny I am in comparison to the altar? I have never seen a feminine image so large in form and in spirit.  Created in 1837

I drink your water.

I light your candles.

I stand on your stones.

I lean into your pillars.

I am so happy to see you.

My heart leaps for joy

at the great space you occupy.

I ask you:

Where do you really dwell

ma belle dame Magdalena?

I lean in to listen

three giant angels lift you up

I feel their wings on my cheeks.

Your answer comes

a heart illumined by love is where I am.

I see it

the heart as a lamp lit up,

a chamber of light.

a woman seeking her source is where I am.

I feel it

your holy water coursing

in our gardens.

He picked you to appear to, first.

And we too, pick you.

They say your stance here

with your body lifted and arms spread in amazement,

ascending to love is called: Ecstasy

Here in this sanctuary fashioned

after a Roman temple that honored war

that now honors love.

I drink your water.

Choosing ecstasy with you.