Madonna of the road and falling completely in love with the grasshopper


You came when I was already

experiencing the beauty

and you jumped the level UP.

Your sudden sweet green arrival

brought childhood to me

in a hop. Visiting

the Vierge de Rue

and finding you.

Thank you Grasshopper

for showing me

my delight, in you.



I made this spontaneous little video for the Red Madonna but couldn’t get it into my video program so I put it on  you-tube. Why not? So I thought I would share it with you too. It is interesting to have this moment caught on film, where I LOSE it over a grasshopper you know? You never know when majesty and mystery will strike. Here I am below at Filatosa – leaning into an 8,000 year old megalith that said NOTHING about the feminine – the other side is the masculine. Do you see a feminine image here? Loved going from this to the Madonna by the side of the road.

Shiloh Sophia

shiloh at filatosa