She dreams the world awake

ipTJzqfjLsn0fb7ra1SiuWFy9TflPdrEUP2NSrRo8ms,rn1Fd31OtCznm41BhRdUW-koiV89DyoO0ShhwzM2aA4She dreams the world awake.
She knows there are messages hidden
in between the stars.
She knows that it is time, her time.

Our time
to dream the world awake.


Dear Ones,
I am so pleased because in just a few short hours I will be creating the first ever open to the public livestreamed class.
This feels cutting edge to be ABLE to offer education this way and work with so many that I haven’t been able to reach in the past.
I am so happy to share this with you…

with love,

Shiloh Sophia
Join us today to paint, or purchase the class, The Sacred Dream by midnight tonight.
My links aren’t working anymore in wordpress, go figure, but here’s the URL you can paste into your browser.