Inventing in the Open Spaces

photoSometimes this suffering is caused

by expecting things to be different

than they are.

By thinking if something goes wrong

that something is wrong. Wrong is normal.

Accepting this is a strange kind of freedom.

An openness to possibility comes.

Things have been going wrong

for many thousands of years

and we have always known it would be hard.

It has always been so.

Look around. Can anyone say,

it is easy?

Yes it is often good. Really good.

But easy? When did easy become

so popular and for sale in ten easy steps?

I long for easier days just as much as you.

And I also know what our

Forefather and Foremothers

knew. This world is in need

of love and a heapin’ dose of fixing.

We are the hands of God

fixing it, breaking it, fixing it, breaking

it open once more.

When we can choose to look upon what is

as ‘what is’ instead of bad or good

we can free ourselves from the prison

of invented meanings about things

we really have no clue about.

I surrender knowing.

Or needing to know.

I embrace being in the space

of not knowing.

My attachment then becomes

to create a field of hope

regardless of what the reality

is, while knowing what reality is.

By reality I do mean,

the hurt child, the warming ice,

the tragic corn and the invention

of corporate interest cloaking

the truths which hurt all of us.

There is another reality at work in us,

it is the one that is always true,

and yes it is Love.

Love for what is

right now, just how it is.

In this acceptance,

strange freedom is ours.

I’ll take it.

When we accept

what is, we can dream

the sacred dream that is ours.

I don’t know how this all works.

I just want to know

how to make the openings

open, so I can invent

in the open spaces.

Shiloh Sophia

Dear One,

I am inventing in the open spaces!

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Shiloh Sophia