My article in the Global Arts of WNN – Women News Network

Check out my article on Intentional Creativity, it is one of the articles that is part of the launch for the Global Arts section in the WNN – Women New Network!

The Legend Lives in Her Heart © Shiloh Sophia, 2011

The Legend Lives in Her Heart © Shiloh Sophia, 2011

Wow, it is all about making and sharing art right now! I am so in my element!

I am very excited to share my article, published yesterday at WNN – Women News Network – with you. It shares information about the work we are doing as a creative global community and gives context historically for why creating art in this way is SO important during the times we are in, worldwide. What it means for us to be artists – artists are the historians of culture.

I connected with Lys Anzia, founder of WNN, during my recent trip to the United Nations in New York, being introduced by the very dear and brilliant, Lois Herman of the Women’s United Nations Report Network. Lys and I have had POWERFUL mind and heart altering conversations over Google Hangout since our in-person meeting. (And yes I gave her a red thread while in the lobby of the Waldorf Astoria.) Rumor has it I left one behind, and so Lys shared that with the woman in her next meeting. This is how we roll, with the red thread of connection. In fact, the day before, we gave Red Threads to all the presenters on the panel, thanks to Leslie Nolan who brought a basket full of them to share.

Following our conversations about art, self expression and human rights, Lys invited me to share some of the work our community is creating around the world. The Color of Woman Teachers and Cosmic Cowgirls Tribe are working globally and creating workshops, art experiences and showings of work that are so inspiring that I wanted to share them with you.

I am working on an entire series called the “Red Thread Chronicles” for WNN where I will share the work of intentional creativity active in the lives of women artists I know. This is the launch article for the section, which will feature art and its creation worldwide by many different writers and I would love to share my article and WNN with you. This work has been going on for a long time in various forms throughout our creative communities – and there are new and global and inventive shifts happening all the time – as we progress with this Global Tribe of Creatives called the Red Thread Nation we will share even more of this work with you. We are very happy to be able to participate in this way through WNN and WUNRN. United Nations, we will be back.

Making art is more than intention: It’s about communicating with the self

(WNN) Santa Rosa, California, UNITED STATES, AMERICAS: In the global upsurge of world creatives finding their way to the camera, the canvas, the clay pots as a means of not only creating art but of healing themselves and the world, women are creating art as a tool for personal and collective transformation.

Women, regardless of income, heritage, or geography are intentionally seeking an experience with art-making as a way to recover from a history of violence, trauma and broken lives.

The impact of hardship for women worldwide often causes both men and women to silence ourselves as we no longer speak of what has happened to us or how it feels. Over time this impact continues to harm us and our choices unless we can find a way to express ourselves, to transform and release the damaging images we hold inside us. Often, the most damaged image for women is the one too many women hold of themselves.



As the kick off for a Global Tour of art making (more on this later) I am writing to you from the creative mecca of Toronto! I am here with my love Jonathan at the Gladstone Hotel and I am surrounded by art! How completely inspiring to be in an area, West Queen West that is filled with artistic beings! Tonight I meet with Effy Wild of Cosmic Cowgirls and other sisters from Red Madonna and the feeling of being globally connected is truly truly filling up my soul, with smiles. To follow more of what I am up to on a daily basis, find me on facebook at and post what you are creating at

The Red Thread Cafe has traveled here to be a part of International Soul Art Day – you can join us LIVE tomorrow and create with us! In my suitcase I have 6 hats, 6 scarves, two pairs of cowgirl boots, a jar of varnish, a ball of red thread and a book of my poetry.

Sending you big red threads to connect us,

Shiloh Sophia