Self Expression – YOUR Human Right: A Free Global Tele-class

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CALL TIMES: 12pst 3est

Dear Ones,

I am so excited to invite you to a wonderful conversation with Lys Anzia, the Founder of WNN – Women News Network. We have been in touch since the trip to the United Nations and have had wonderful conversations about self expression as a human right. We decided to share our thoughts with you in this free global tele-class – join us live or get the recording.

Shiloh Sophia


Freedom of expression is the cornerstone of all democratic rights and freedoms worldwide. Important to human dignity and acceptance, personal expression through the arts, our religious communities, social media, the internet and through activism as well as in all walks of life are key to building a better society. In its very first session in 1946, before any human rights declarations or treaties had been adopted, the UN General Assembly adopted resolution 59(I) stating “Freedom of information is a fundamental human right and … the touchstone of all the freedoms to which the
United Nations is consecrated.”

Join us in this important talk covering how personal expression and human rights can build a better world.

Hosted by Mary MacDonald