Invoke your inner Mystic – Paint Hildegard Von Bingen with me and 100 women in May!


I am Wisdom. Mine is the blast of the resounding Word through which all creation came to be, and I quickened all things with my breath so that not one of them is mortal in its kind; for I am Life. Indeed I am Life, whole and undivided — not hewn from any stone, or budded from branches, or rooted in virile strength; but all that lives has its root in Me. For Wisdom is the root whose blossom is the resounding Word….

I flame above the beauty of the fields to signify the earth — the matter from which humanity was made. I shine in the waters to indicate the soul, for, as water suffuses the whole earth, the soul pervades the whole body. I burn in the sun and the moon to denote Wisdom, and the stars are the innumerable words of Wisdom.

The Holy Spirit as Caritas (Grace/World Soul & Wisdom/Creatrix) 
St. Hildegard von Bingen 

Dear Ones,

What a mystical painting process I had on Monday – from walking to the river, to floating roses on the water, to painting the greening onto my canvas, to tuning into this incredible 11th century visionary artist, mystic, nun, philosopher and Magistra (female teacher) – the eyes of my heart opened to my own gifts in a new way. An understanding of who we are as visionaries with many gifts came into view for me. I work with so many of us wild holy ones who have so many talents and can often feel fragmented because of the spectrum. Hildegard teaches us how to be at the center, through her devotion to the Divine, of our gifts, and to express all of them. Yep. All of them. In addition to her music, chants, letters, illuminations and plays – she also wrote books on plant medicine.

This month we are also exploring the Sephirah of Netzach in the Tree of Life as it is connected to our own gifts and those of our Mystic Saint Hildegard – Sign up to join us for $97 (try it out for a month and keep the download of the video)

I heard a voice saying to me, “This Lady whom you see is Love, who has Her dwelling place in eternity. When God wished to create the world, He leaned down, and with tender Love, provided all that was needed, as a parent prepares an inheritance for a child. And thus, in a mighty blaze the Lord ordained all His works.

Then creation recognized its Creator in its own forms and appearances. For in the beginning, when God said, “Let it be!” and it came to pass, the means and the Matrix of creation was Love, because all creation was formed through Her as in the twinkling of an eye.

The Holy Spirit as Sapientia (Wisdom/Creatrix)
St. Hildegard von Bingen