Mary Magdalene Weekend at “HerChurch” in San Francisco!

magdalene 3x4

Painting by Maya Telford


Dear Ones,

True to San Francisco style – there is a Magdalene Weekend happening at the purple church called Her Church! I will joined there with many Cosmic Cowgirls and friends tomorrow  – I wouldn’t miss my dear Katie Ketchum in her one woman performance. There are TONS of Magdalene inspired paintings – including many by the Color of Woman Graduates. IF you are in the Bay Area this weekend, come on over and rock with us,


MARY MAGDALENE Weekend at HerChurch

April 27-28, will feature music, a poetry salon, art, dance, a scholar’s tête-à-tête and cabare!

Saturday at 2:00 PM in the A Woman’s Eye Gallery Annex, adjacent to herchurch, several poets will present their new work on Mary of Magdala.  The afternoon is curated by Poet Kit Kennedy and will include wine and finger food as well as conversation with the poets.  Judith Lavender Dancer will provide improvisational dance which will lead the gathering to and through a maze of original modern Magdalene Iconography.

Throughout the weekend this collection of modern depictions of Mary Magdalene, original works of art, will be displayed in the herchurch sanctuary.

 ART EXHIBITION “The Many Faces of the Magdalene”

Icons of Mary Magdalene by contemporary women artists

“Featured here are 21 paintings of the Magdalene by 18 women artists who engaged with Mary Magdalene and with their canvases with sacred intention. Many were blessed before, during and/or after creation. Some of these artists are professionals, and some have only recently claimed the title “artist.” Many did not experience a connection to Mary Magdalene before creating their paintings, while others have been in relationship with Her for years.

Among the artists are Christians, those on a Goddess path, priestesses of Isis, women with eclectic spirituality and those who rebuke religious labels all together. What we share is a connection to the Divine Feminine and to creating sacred art in Her honor.

Whatever your interpretation of the Magdalene, the enormity of her value is apparent in these sacred renderings. The medicine therein is palpable; the sanctuary virtually vibrates with it. Step into this sacred container and see the Divine Feminine in you, via Mary Magdalene, reflected back. May She reverberate in your soul. ”  Jennifer Mantle!

To see a video of the Magdalene icons go to THIS LINK

THE MARY MAGDALENE STORIES“ a musical by Katie Ketchum presented by herchurch, Sunday April 28th at 2:00PM  An introduction by renowned Magdalene scholar and mythologist Kayleen Asbo.  Local scholars will be available for conversation during the reception.

Free-will offerings to go toward the “Mary Magdalene Opera Ticket Fund” which will help persons have the opportunity to attend the San Francisco World Primer Opera, by Mark Adamo, opening in June.

THE MARY MAGDALENE STORIES” features Mary Magdalene in her many roles throughout herstory.  The play revolves around a modernized version of the Gospel of Mary of Magdala found in Egypt 100 years ago featuring the character “Marlene” a Rockabilly singer from the fifties.  Katie’s musical,  also includes a bevy of traditional biblical characters, and some not so traditional characters, including the Jewish follower, an Egyptian goddess initiate, the prostitute, and present day rapper, all passionately played by one person: Katie Ketchum.

Katie Ketchum is a multi-dimensional musician and artist working with the mediums of voice, piano, acting, composing, writing and painting. A National Endowment for the Arts recipient, Katie has recorded 16 albums of her compositions, written six plays with music and performed over 4,000 concerts  receiving critical acclaim and many standing ovations.  She has performed at many colleges and Universities including Boston University and Northwestern University.  She tours the east coast regularly with Cranberry Coast Concerts and is a featured performer and visual artist for herchurch in San Francisco.

herchurch (the purple church)

678 Portola Dr.  San Francisco, CA  94127