In Praise of Hands

Photo 24Dear Ones,

Can you believe these organs called hands?

I am astonished at their useful beauty.

This morning I see my hands as if for the first time

for what they are. Tears come as I write this to you.

How grateful I am to have them to speak with

to love with, to write with, to craft soups with,

to pick roses with, to paint with.

To praise God with.

This morning as I spoke with my Love,


about hands over morning readings

and cups of sweet Saturday coffee,

we spoke about hands and tools –

I told him how I remember

people’s hands photographically – more

than faces or eyes, even. For years

and years I can see hands clearly –

including both of my grandmother’s hands.

I never knew that I was tracking hands in this way.

Stop now. And look at your own hands.

See them and praise them for

what they are for you.


them we could not even grasp

the cup of tea. Or stitch the

world together with red threads.

In praise of hands

I live this day.

Shiloh Sophia

The hand is the essential organ of culture,

the initiator of humanization – Ernst Fischer