Doorway of Awakening – April 20 in San Francisco

This is a note from my dear friend of many years and collaborator, Elizabeth Gibbons. She and another Color of Woman Graduate and friend, Annette Wagner are teaching a workshop that is going to be so completely life transforming – and it will include a fair level of sparkle, knowing these two, who never leave the house without proper bling and beauty. I wanted to share with you what the women in my world in the Bay Area are up to! Ready to enter the doorway of awakening? Learn More!

Dearest Shiloh,Elizabeth.doorway

What I love about the Color of Woman Method is that it provides a structure, an architecture, a container for accessing our own healing and medicine through painting.

I have always resisted traditional “art” lessons and techniques because they felt so limiting and I didn’t feel that within their structure I could truly express or find my own painting voice, my own soul-fire. So initially I was hesitant to follow, learn and teach the Color of Woman method.

Yet I should have known, knowing you, my dear beloved f Shiloh, that this method developed by you, does not restrict. It holds you like a Chalice Of Dreams, allowing for the expansion of your self-expression and the freedom to truly discover the treasures and tools of inner wisdom and healing that you carry in the depths of your creative soul.

The painting part, including the step by step guidance, are simple enough and flexible enough to allow for artists of ANY LEVEL to follow, have fun and express their unique vision. There is great freedom within this structure. The intentional creativity and the visioning allow women to access deep, profound and personal insights and are accessible to all spiritual traditions.

Annette.doorwayWith this method I have taught power animals and the sacred tree of life and have marveled at the depth and joy that my students feel. I feel the joy of being the midwife of their dreams through this process.

I am currently offering a paint and mixed media playshop with Visionary Artist Annette Wagner, where we are exploring the symbol of the Doorway of Awakening where we lead women to an encounter with their Muse. I am so excited to share this new playshop!!

Elizabeth Gibbons
The Bejeweled Baroness

The top painting on the left is by Elizabeth, and the one to the right is by Annette.

Doorway of Awakening:
Encountering Your Muse

Saturday April 20, 2013
11am to 6pm
The Palace of the Soul, San Francisco, CA

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