Paint Saint Joan de Arc with me…and 100 women. Prime your brushes.

swynnerton_joan-of-arc_bigIn the face of your enemies, in the face of harassment, ridicule, and doubt, you held firm in your faith. Even in your abandonment, alone and without friends, you held firm in your faith. Even as you faced your own mortality, you held firm in your faith. I pray that I may be as bold in my beliefs as you, St. Joan. I ask that you ride alongside me in my own battles. Help me be mindful that what is worthwhile can be won when I persist. Help me hold firm in my faith. Help me believe in my ability to act well and wisely. Amen

~Caron McCloud from the Red Madonna Prayer Wall

Dear Ones,

I am amazed at how the world unfolds its wild self. Today I have 3 courses starting – talk about working to hold context for all things glorious. Talisman through the Global Phd Program at Sofia University in Palo Alto (ITP) and The Red Madonna with the theme of HOD from the Tree of Life, Honor and Glory and the beginning of the Color of Woman 2013 Training. Here’s the wild part. I am actually completely ready for all of it. Whoosh. When you are living your lifework you get your ass kicked but it is also so much amazing gloriousness available. I feel very happy to be doing this work and sharing what has been given to me to share. To journey with SO many amazing women. And to have the incredible support in this work from fellow teachers I am blessed to lead with, Sue Hoya Sellars, Caron McCloud, Havi Mandell, Stella Mac, Jennifer Owen, Leslie Nolan, Susan Rossi, Kate Langlois, Elizabeth Gibbons and Isabella Vickers. We rock.

With a full heart and full hands,

shiloh sophia

This month on the Red Madonna we will paint and study the young woman mystic and warrior, Joan of Arc.

If you want to come and paint her with us – you are most welcome

Here is the prayer I shared on the Red Madonna Prayer Wall today.

Beloved Red Madonna

Our Lady of unending love

Attend to us now.

We know the red thread extends

from your own medicine basket.

Incline your ear to our words

See the violet light from our wounds shining.

Place your hand upon our sacred hearts

lit with fire for your love

Let our unsaid words and whispered prayers

reach the hem of your starry gown.

We want to know you reveal yourself to us.

Lady at the center of the dark red rose

Lady at the beginning of all poetry

Lady at the end of all legends of victory or woe

Lady who stands at the crossroads

of this world and the next.

We gather here to listen

you who gave birth to God

will speak to us in our

own hearts.

You are every color including Black Night.

Blue Heaven, White light

and the red red rubyness of blood.


Teach us to understand.

Through the crying out in

our spirits.

Through the travails

Show us how to know


you are really here

you are really here

you are here.

rev. ss

Yet still, at the center of a grief-stricken heart, there is ever a golden field – alive, flourishing with enough soul to feed all who come there. This inextinguishable heart of Love protects life-force essence there, even while all else stands in ruins. Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes