A Rambling Prayer and Permission Slip

We are held in the heart of the Divine.
Even when we don’t understand what that means.
Somehow it is still true. At least I thinks so.
This is the mystery of life, isn’t it?
That all of this magic and mayhem co-exist.
Everything here was first created as sacred.
Through our prayers, wishes, dreams
acts of love, care, compassion and creativity,
we can “re-member” and call back together the
sacredness. This is our choice. And this
is how learn to exist inside of the paradox.
This is our work now, as human beings.
To learn how to navigate this terrain
with as much grace as possible.
How do you do this? Tell us so we can learn.
I begin this through remembering first,
somehow, I am held in the heart of the Divine.
And so are you. And so is everyone.
This is not some utopian concept
that says it is all OK how it is.
This is a Permission Slip to practice
knowing you are Loved, right here
right now. Let’s practice it together,
shall we?

Blessed Spirit of Life, Divine Grace,
show us how to feel your LOVE
flowing through us no matter
what we encounter. Show us how
to be in this paradox, and still,
thrive with vitality and hope.
~ Shiloh Sophia

Dear Ones,

Sending you many blessings for your day.

Feeling happy and a bit tired today – coffee is not quite doing the trick!

An amazing life sometimes means waking up to write at 4:30 in the morning.

My muse has no sense of needing to sleep sometimes.

But what she brings forth feels worth the yawns.

I shared this with my Red Madonna sisters and now

will share it with you.