Stop! A Promise for the Spring Equinox


Stop! A Promise for the Spring Equinox

Stop! Stop trying to avoid having your heart broken.

Stop! Stop doing all that you can to keep yourself safe.

Stop working diligently to protect yourself.

Stop pretending this tenuous peace is peace. (Frown)

As if the stone in the path is a foe. It’s not.

As if the roadblock is a sign to turn back. It’s not.

Wrong! Wrong to live life as if we can remain intact.

Wrong! Wrong to keep choosing the less fearful path. (Tear)

This illusion of safety has become laborious to keep up with.

This striving to “avoid” hardship is ridiculously mundane. (Yawn)

This concept that if all is going well, it is a reward.

This concept that if all is going bad, it is a punishment.

This false sense of okayness has a price. Is it ok if it is not ok?

This pretence of karmic punishment is often not useful at all. (Hug)

I am not talking about accepting a life of chaos.

I am not talking about giving up or giving in. No. (Blink Blink)

I am talking about this: Be wreckless with opening yourself.

And this: Be willing to move open eyed towards what scares you. (Breath)

Yes I know all too well that we will likely break. Got it.

Yes, I know, is nothing new. You have heard it all before.

This is my day to forgive myself my desire for safety.

This could be your day for something too. Is it? (Reach)

As a baby’s face presses to its mother’s cheek…

I shall press my face to being in love with life. (Big Smile)

Stop waiting. Stop thinking something has to change first.

Stop thinking there is something better or more whole.

My Promise: I will not go to sleep on the questions love asks.

I shall watch. I shall witness. I shall wonder openly. With you. (Kiss)

Spring Equinox 2013

For those who are on my mind and in my heart today:
For my love Jonathan, this is my promise. For My Color of Woman Sisters working on the deck.  For Shannon, Christine, Amy and Meggan, for our Equinox circle this morning. For Jena and the Red Key. For Mary on her Journey to the sun. For my mother Caron who is by my side. For my Red Madonna Sisters for whom I painted this painting for March. For the Cosmic Cowgirls for prodding me. For the new Color of Woman 2013. For my sister Shannon, whom inspires me with her courage.